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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Sunlight" - Maisy Kay

The profound lyrical depth and artistic romanticism on display in Maisy Kay's latest single, Sunlight, make this track a must-listen for all pop lovers out there. She has described it as being "the truest love song I've ever written" and her raw authenticity can be felt from start to finish as she delivers listeners an emotionally charged spring anthem. Kay wears her heart on her sleeve as she repeatedly belts out "This could not get any better, I could hold your heart forever" – conveying a feeling of intoxicatingly unconditional young love and the blissful warmth that comes with it. Maisy explained how this song came to fruition after she met someone who "felt like sunshine personified"; a touching sentiment that certainly explains why Sunlight feels so genuine and will surely resonate with her audience.

Sunlight is a beautifully produced ballad, boasting an impressive level of dynamism within its arrangement that perfectly complements Maisy Kay's stunning vocal range and poetic lyricism. The track's moving production tastefully blends melodic piano, layered strings, and distant percussion – atmospherically elevating Sunlight for the listener. Kay's vocal inflections echo those of Lana Del Ray; with the cinematic instrumentation being slow and open, leaving plenty of room for her delivery to be front and center. The ending bridge section of Sunlight has swirling stacks of Maisy's voice layered together in an escalating crescendo, just before one final hook closes out the song. From a production standpoint, this a single that has all the makings of a bonified pop classic.

Maisy Kay is rising pop starlet originally from the small countryside town of Cloverly. near Wolverhampton, UK, who is now based in Los Angeles. She moved stateside after signing a record deal at the young age of 14 and has seen her music career seemingly take off ever since. Now signed with BMG, Maisy has gone on to collaborate with artists like Timbaland and Tiesto – while also having songs like "Karma is a Bitch" remixed by DJ R3HAB. She contributed Japanese lyrics and vocals on Andy's viral hit Distance and watched as her song The Storm surpassed 30 million streams on Spotify and over 100 million views on Youtube. In the summer of 2023, she hit the road as a part of JVKE's What Tour Feels Like and can now be found back in LA working on taking her artistry in a new direction which she describes as "whimsical ethereal pop". Maisy cites Freddie Mercury, The Beatles, and Taylor Swift as major influences on her sound, and "finds comfort in creating music alone" at her piano/guitar. Outside of music, Kay is a huge fan of fantasy, video games, Lord of the Rings, "elf books", and both Avatar films – and yes, she did even teach herself to speak Na'vi and cried during The Way of Water after seeing "the things that are supposed to be whales", so her fandom is very legit.

Written By Dan Caddigan


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