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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Sunset Serotonin" - Glenn DeVar

Glenn DeVar has dropped a perfect new single for summer with his track, "Sunset Serotonin." The song is filled with a romantic energy, comparing feelings for a lover to feelings of nostalgic sunsets. Lyrically, "Sunset Serotonin" focuses on the good mood that warmer weather brings and likens it to how a perfect lover makes you feel. DeVar sings about missing sunsets on a beach when the weather is colder, but a special someone remedies that. Some of the lyrics are so romantic they'd make anyone melt, giving us lines like, "You got a sun-kissed spirit in the wintertime/I'm falling in love with the way that you shine." "Sunset Serotonin" is the second of two singles DeVar has released so far and gives us a promising look into his bright future.

"Sunset Serotonin" is an independently-made masterpiece, being recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Glenn DeVar himself. The track exudes a dream pop, commercial pop, and bedroom/lo-fi pop vibe, giving it a more chill and happy sound. "Sunset Serotonin" is euphoric, brimming with memorable melodies and blissful pop beats. DeVar's masterful vocals float over a dreamy soundscape, featuring an exuberant instrumentation and captivating harmonies. The breezy nature of the music pairs nicely with the lyrics, creating an optimistic feeling that often comes with falling hard for someone. Emanating an uplifting and feel-good energy, "Sunset Serotonin" is the quintessential summer track of 2023 that everyone should have on their playlists right now.

Music producer and artist, Glenn DeVar is just getting started with his solo career. He has been amassing a strong social media presence on Instagram and is continuing to grow. DeVar's two releases include "Sunset Serotonin" and "Chaos Energy" so far, starting off his solo industry debut strong. Previous to his recent releases, DeVar has worked with Redlight Drive—a hip-hop infused EDM songwriting duo from Astoria, Queens. DeVar began this project with his former roommate, Colly C, writing and releasing several songs together. This experience provided DeVar with the opportunity to grow his knowledge of production and mixing—impressive skills that are evident in the production of "Sunset Serotonin."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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