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  • Joselyn Jimenez

Review: "Superglue" - Holden McRae

“Superglue” by Holden McRae is the third installment to a three-song debut EP set to release this summer. It details the beginning of a new relationship after a difficult breakup in a delicate manner. McRae sings “I never thought that we would be here given where we started, you were my superglue when I was broken-hearted,” depicting the act of falling in love again. It has an air of the spring and summer seasons when new life blossoms from the cold, bleak, winter. There is a subtle caution in the lyrics “I’m a fool, I could speak too soon if you want,” showing that relatable feeling of being wary of vulnerability due to old wounds but still eagerly wanting to try with the person you are falling for. There is that universal feeling of remembering the pain you were put through but still finding hope through this new relationship forming before your eyes.    

McRae straddles the realms of indie pop in a delicate and simplistic manner. His vocals are a soft accompaniment to the gentle guitar, drums, and piano. The song’s melody is delicate and sweet like honey it conveys the message of the lyrics perfectly. It truly feels like the moment you realize you’re falling in love with someone. There is an air of caution knowing where you’ve come from a previous relationship that hurt you but the hope you feel for what’s in front of you begins to override that pain. McRae does a beautiful job of conveying that caution through the slowed-down verses and the hopefulness of something new with a more upbeat chorus.      

                California native, Holden McRae is a singer-songwriter who studied music at the University of Southern California’s Thorton School of Music. He is the younger brother to Jensen McRae and has cited his sister as the motivational force that inspires him to continue forward. McRae became fascinated with music through piano at a young age, eventually branching out to guitar. As an artist perfecting his craft, he has played at the Moroccan Lounge and opened during The Fever Dream Tour of 2023. Since he began his music career, McRae has released several tracks including “Enemies,” “Pretender,” and “Alix” from previous work. “Superglue” is the third and final installment in his debut EP coming this summer 2024 alongside tracks “I Hate Everything” and “Shelf Life” which depicts the ending and beginning of relationships. Check it out in the links below!  

Written By Joselyn Jimenez



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