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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "Tell Me What I Need To Do" - Jack Kane

Jack Kane has done it again, releasing another catchy and relatable song. “Tell Me What I Need To Do” is the one of the 4 exciting titles on his new EP. This song presents a strong type of self awareness by telling someone that you want to be there for them whenever is possible. Jack adds “Maybe you’re not capable of fixing all their problems, but you’re going to try your best. I think a lot of the time when you’re going through something, knowing there is someone on your side fighting with you can take so much of the edge off”. His song allows us to feel like we are there following through the stages of wanting to do everything he possibly can for love. We can feel this sense of holding on through his lyrics as he describes “Call me at midnight and I’ll drive straight to your house”. It is a type of devotion we all want to feel from someone we love.

This song reels you in from the very start, with the groovy pop roots at the very beginning and the captivating lyrics that support it. Starting from the top Jack taunts us with his lovely vocals. Building the beat, the drums are layered in while the song builds up. “Tell Me What I Need To Do” has a a humble and intimate tone but still captivates us, moving though at a change of pace. As the pace changes we can feel his emotion and love more while still wanting to sing along with every word. With every changing pulse of each lyric it grabs you. Leaving you feeling hooked and allowing yourself wanting to listen time and time again.

Jack Kane has made his career early on in the entertainment industry by highlighting his array of skills. The 23 year old has found his love for acting and music already. Jack is from right outside of London in Hertfordshire and has an upcoming show nearby this April. His singles have already caught the ear of many fans, allowing for the excitement of his first EP. The EP also named “Tell Me What I Need To Do” consists of 4 titles that all show his storytelling and vocal abilities. excided to see what the future holds for this artist! Be sure to follow him below and keep up with all things Jack Kane!

Written By Cate Schnoebelen


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