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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "The Girl Before the Girl" - Talia Grace

Talia Grace has just released her track, “The Girl Before the Girl” off her latest EP, “From Under You”! The EP delves into her personal journey, coming from a place of hurt and despair to growing a resilient woman with more clarity than ever before. “The Girl Before the Girl” specifically discusses her experience with the biggest heartbreak of all - being the girl before your partner finds the one. She starts off the song by bringing up unimportant guys in her life, merely describing them by where they live or the color of her hair. But, you can tell her tone shifts when she mentions the “boy back in [her] hometown,” proclaiming that he’s the one who keeps her hopes alive. In the chorus, she says that she’s the girl before the girl, and how “[she’s] not the [he] beg[s] to stick around inside [his] little world.” Heartbreakingly, at the end of the chorus, she tells him “I’m the heart that you can break while you wait for yours to mend.” She blames her self-sabotaging on being a child of divorced parents, and the pain of the heartbreak hurts a little less because she has already felt unwanted. In the emotionally-charged bridge, she proclaims “I can’t spend one more second as a second choice,” a perfect description of the despair you feel being the “other woman.” “The Girl Before the Girl” is a beautiful yet poignant track that sadly is so relatable for so many.

The production on “The Girl Before the Girl” isn’t the most technologically complex, but the emotion shines through. There are no extravagant moments or special additions of flair, but it perfectly corresponds with the message in the lyrics. With just a piano, a light drum beat after the first chorus, and some synths swirling below her vocals, it emits this down-to-earth feel, as if Talia is trying to get onto the listener’s level. Talia’s distinct voice is what stands out to me the most - her unique vocal quality allows herself to effortlessly express what she’s feeling. There’s this dreamlike quality to it as well, yet it feels so grounded, raw, and honest. To put the cherry on top, the added heartbeats near the end of the track create a sense of despair and is truly moving. “The Girl Before the Girl” is an amazingly crafted track, and it makes you keep coming back to listen. 

Talia Grace is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She embarked on her musical journey at seven years old playing the piano. Eventually, that morphed into playing in a family band and a love for writing, recording, and performing music. Talia eventually teamed up with Austin-based producer Taylor Webb for her debut single, “Melancholy”, in 2020. She has been steadily releasing music since. Now, she has just released her first EP, “From Under You”. Featuring “The Girl Before the Girl” as well as three other tracks, the EP delves into life’s tumultuous nature, detailing feelings of loss, love, and self-discovery. It’s clear with Talia’s track record that she will continue to make beautiful, compelling music that will captivate audiences.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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