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  • Victoria James

Review: "Warmth" - Christine Sako

Sometimes we become suspicious when things work out better than expected. When something feels too good to be true, we get an overwhelming sense of disbelief. Christine Sako offers comfort to those who need a reminder that they deserve the good things happening in their lives through her new song “Warmth.” The song gently reassures listeners and herself to embrace the success headed their way. Although Christine Sako wrote this song because she was stuck in the “too good to be true” mentality, the song is proof that something can be good and true at the same time. “Warmth is a breath of fresh air. It is authentic, inviting, and worth listening to.

“Warmth” begins with Christine Sako playing guitar and singing in a gentle voice. She stacks vocals and creates harmonies that complement the melody and add depth to the overall sound. As the guitar fades into the background and is kept at a distance, the beat becomes more innovative and electronic. The beat is peppy while the tempo is slow, creating a compelling dynamic within the song. The indie-pop ballad radiates optimism and comfort. Christine Sako utilizes a subtle echo effect in “Warmth,” to further the depth of the harmonies. The echo also adds spaciousness to the audio. It allows for the song to form a soothing atmosphere where you have the freedom to get lost in it. "Warmth" is unique because multiple textures are present throughout the song, but they unify to create a masterpiece.

Hearing “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne in 2002 inspired Christine Sako to start a career in guitar playing and songwriting. She toured with the indie-pop band Now, Now in 2009 and opened for Paramore on their ‘Brand New Eyes’ European tour. Sako drove to San Diego from her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and began writing and recording her debut album, “The Math Project,” released in 2014. She has released a handful of songs in the last few years leading up to her most recent single, “Warmth.” The talented musician can do more than sing and play the guitar. She also plays the drums, keys, and bass.

Written By Victoria James


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