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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "You and Me" - Charly Beth

You and Me is a refreshingly optimistic rendition of your traditional break up song, choosing to focus on self-empowerment rather than heartbreak. In her debut single, Charly Beth takes aim at finding romantic liberation through proactively splitting from an incompatible partner – singing, “If I’m bein’ honest, then I have somethin’ to say, this is just not workin’, time to go away”. She artfully paints the picture of a dissatisfied lover ready to finally kick her former boo to the curb and move on to brighter horizons; a message which is hailed loud and clear in the chorus, “There will never be a you and me, I don’t care if you disagree, no future with you that I see”. The beauty of You and Me is in its ability to turn a negative situation into something much more positive, simply by getting rid of someone in your life that doesn’t deserve to be there, a concept that is sure to resonate with Beth’s audience.

Sounding like prime late-stage Maroon 5, You and Me calls upon the whole ensemble to deliver a full-bodied super pop banger. With heavy hints of skank guitar, Charly Beth channels her inner Commadore to bring the sound of iconic funk to the table in this pop fan favorite. The use of real instruments, as opposed to cookie cutter samples and Midi plug-ins, should be seriously commended by anyone with a vested interest in the sincerity of good music; also, let’s all take a minute to thank Luca Visetti (guitar), Niamh Mailer (keys), Oscar Kimmance (drums), Alan Mueller (Bass), Jacob Clayton (trumpet) and Tilly Louise (production) for adding to the authenticity of this one. The funk-heavy drums heard throughout You and Me are reminiscent of the jazzy-pop vibes felt when listening to the ever-popular band DAISY. The reverb added to Charly’s voice on the bridge is a sign of thoughtful production and serves as a nice added change of atmosphere for the entire song. This single is as tasteful and diverse as they come and should surely entice a bevy of fans to keep this added to their Liked Songs library on Spotify.

Charly Beth is a Scottish transplant located in Liverpool, UK who has taken the British pop scene by storm with her talents as a singer-songwriter. Surprisingly, she remains independent despite having already established herself as a soul-pop artist with a high-energy stage presence and a refreshingly authentic aura; something which is rarely felt in today's overly saturated musical landscape filled with industry clones. Beth finds herself entrenched in the grassroots musical community, willing to do anything to prioritize creative freedom over selling out, and seemingly pulling out all the stops to further her development as a staple of the UK pop ecosystem. Known for putting on her own gigs in Liverpool, Charly has shown nothing but love to her community, a sentiment embodied by the fact that local talents Katie Milner and Alicia MacLaren are responsible for the artwork on her most recent project. It’s time to show this burgeoning new talent some love in hopes that she continues to make more tasty jams like You and Me.

Written By Dan Caddigan


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