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  • Shelbi Baker

Review: "You Make Me Look Over My Shoulder" - Maddie Jackway

Maddie Jackway's new single, "You Make Me Look Over My Shoulder" boldly expresses the pain and paranoia of being ghosted by someone you love. If you've ever experienced something like this, you know how shocking it can feel. It leaves you confused and full of questions, wondering if you should've seen it coming. Not to mention the intense fear of running into that person in the future. It's overall an avalanche of thoughts that Maddie describes with daring accuracy. The lyrics pass over fleeting thoughts, like, "You were just lonely I'm not the only one on your mind" and, "So you're worried for your reputation". They're structured in such a way that listeners experience the racing anxiety of trying to piece together the answers all the same. We empathize with the trauma, and that makes a powerful song.

Musically, the song is dark, almost vengeful in composition. It ties together drone-like pads with pulsing electronic drums and just a hint of strings. Paired with Maddie's rich vocal sound and dissonant background harmonies, the instrumental serves the haunting experience of the lyrics tastefully. To top it all off, "You Make Me Look Over My Shoulder" is composed in the key of Ab Minor, often described as, "the key of the grave", as it lends itself well to lamentation and funeral marches. I think this was a brilliant choice, as the song itself feels like mourning the loss of someone you love. It feels like grief, and being ghosted can often send us to a similar place, emotionally. Loss is often hard to express beyond sadness, but Maddie Jackway paints the process of contemplation and healing in all of its many colors.

Maddie Jackway is a pop-soul-folk singer-songwriter based in Geelong, VIC, Australia. In 2020, she released her first EP, "What Is This Freedom?", jumpstarting her notoriety in the Victorian music scene. Having opened for Alex Lahey and The Smith Street Band on tour and performing at the 2022 Port Fairy Folk Festival, Maddie has built a formidable name for herself in folk music. In 2023, she was represented at Victoria University in Melbourne as the Music Artist in Residence. There, she recorded her sophomore EP with co-producer and keyboardist, Jake Amy. "You Make Me Look Over My Shoulder" is the lead single for the upcoming EP and is expected to be accompanied by four more tracks of similar caliber. I know for sure that I'll be looking out for it and you should too! You can listen to "You Make Me Look Over Your Shoulder" now on all major streaming platforms.

Written By Shelbi Baker


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