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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "The Come Down" - The Collection

The last project from indie-pop band The Collection sought triumph in the end of the world. How to Survive an Ending, the North Carolina group's 2023 EP, was defiant, sharp, and pushed beyond the limits. Later that year, they reset with "Medication," the lead single towards their forthcoming album. Now, the six-member collective have released a fifth single, "The Come Down," ahead of their upcoming album, Little Deaths. With it, the band further cements this new era as one of softness, vulnerability, and protection. It's an alternative view of enduring the traumas of life — one that suits The Collection's folk-pop sound like a glove. "The Come Down" furthers their knack for campfire-lit anthems to broad life experience.

While "The Come Down," as with previously released singles, has the bones and heart of folk, it lands squarely in the pop ecosystem. The band's collaboration with producer Jeremy Lutito and engineer Reid Leslie brings the sounds to open spaces. Every instrument is perfectly mixed, layered to blanket frontman David Wimbish's honeyed vocals. "The further out you go, the further to return," he muses over drum rolls and rich bass. It's neither advice nor warning, he simply recalls universal truths from the vantage point of experience. Whether the instrumental dissipates into a minimalist twinkle or bursts into anthemic declaration, "The Come Down" glows with warmth. To rise and fall is an unavoidable part of life. to be there for one another in the low points, however, is a promise one has to make.

This year, North Carolina-based band The Collection is preparing to release their first full length album since 2018's Entropy. The forthcoming LP, entitled Little Deaths, follows last year's EP, How To Survive An Ending. Little Deaths is scheduled to release on August 9th. The indie-pop group, founded by Wimbish, has released a total of five singles teasing towards the upcoming project. Prior singles include "The Weather," "Medication," "Spark of Hope," and "Rain It Down." Where their prior EP was a triumphant message of tenacity and perseverance, Little Deaths will approach fresh themes of vulnerability. The six-member band will support the release of their new album with a US tour this fall.

Written By Andy M.

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