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  • Top 10 Underrated Pop-Rock Artists of 2024

    It’s criminal how often some of the most talented artists fly under the radar for so long. There are other, bigger names in the industry getting the attention and capturing the hearts of many, causing several artists to be overshadowed by steep competition. While this is the case for many genres, there are quite a few names in the pop-rock world deserving of a chance in the limelight, leading to the need for Pop Passion to present our list of the top 10 underrated pop-rock artists of 2024. 10. The Thing With Feathers Based in Nashville, The Thing With Feathers are an up-and-coming alternative/pop-rock band consisting of members David Welcsh (vocals), Alex Hendricks (lead guitar), and Chris Roussell (drums). Drawing inspiration from many amazing artists, The Thing With Feathers cite acts like Coldplay , The 1975 , and The Strokes as their primary influences. The distinct sound they have created has led the group to success, garnering over a million streams on their single "Figure It Out" since its 2019 release. Two EPs and several singles later, The Thing With Feathers have created quite the following, giving the group animated crowds to match their energetic live performances. 9. Arrlo Set to take the pop-rock world by storm, Arrlo is an up-and-coming Las Vegas-based duo consisting of members Sunni Suede and Alexander Vera. Suede serves as the project's frontman and singer/songwriter, breathing new life into themes like love, loss, and heartache through the lens of a pragmatic yet passionate transman. Through cultivating their unique sound, Arrlo has gained a loyal fanbase, creating performance opportunities for the band like the Life is Beautiful 2022 festival as well as curating their own music festival alongside Blacksheep Booking called SunCan. 8. Chloe Star Taking on many roles in her life, Chloe Star is a Native American and Persian singer-songwriter, visual artist, and tribal advocate hailing from California. She split her time between Los Angeles and her family's San Bernardino reservation while growing up, experiencing a chaotic and unstable childhood. Because of this, Star found solace in journaling and writing poetry, later turning her journal entries and poems into lyrics after learning to play guitar and piano. Over the years, the artist has taken time to hone her skills as a musician, cultivating her edgy pop-rock sound and making her 2023 debut with the single “Element.” Though she's just getting started, Star is a promising artist having already garnered support from EUPHORIA, EARMILK, and Unpublished Magazine. 7. The Haunt Showing the alternative/pop-rock world what they're made of, The Haunt released their fiery self-titled debut EP in 2018. The group was co-founded by siblings Anastasia Grace Haunt (vocals) and Maxamillion "Max" Haunt (guitar, production). Completing the quartet, Nat Smallish (bass) and Nick Lewert (drums) joined Anastasia and Maxamillion to form The Haunt. The band is dedicated to pushing sonic boundaries, blending elements of classic and contemporary rock/pop music. Establishing an already impressive career, The Haunt has spent time sharing the stage with acts like Palaye Royale , The Struts , The Hu , and Filter . Some of their popular releases include "Cigarettes & Feelings," "I'm Not Yours," "Love You Better," and "Shake." 6. The Mucks Debuting in 2023 with their single “I Don’t”, The Mucks crashed onto the indie/pop-rock scene and have given pop-rock enthusiasts a band to keep an eye on. The group consists of members Michael Dunn (Vocals), Conor McGuire (Guitar), Scott Johnson (Guitar), Kieran King (Bass), and Stephen Beck (Drums), together creating a sound that’s somewhere between Catfish & The Bottlemen , Inhaler , and Gang of Youths . Catching the attention of some prolific radio stations, The Mucks have been featured on BBC Introducing and Radio X. Since their debut, they have garnered over 45K streams on Spotify and have been selling out headlining shows. Their music is made for enthralling live performances, featuring a loud and blood-pumping energy that translates into a powerful stage presence. 5. NewDad Leaving the fate of their band name to chance, NewDad gained their unusual (but nevertheless fun) moniker from a random name generator. The indie/pop-rock four-piece hails from Galway, making their memorable debut with a collection of singles in 2020 and later their EP, Waves , in 2021. Members Julie Dawson, Cara Joshi, Fiachra Parslow, and Sean O’Dowd are the faces behind NewDad’s eclectic music, tastefully blending elements of indie rock, pop rock, shoegaze, and lo-fi together to create their unique sound. 4. Luna Bay Since their debut in 2019, indie/pop-rock band Luna Bay has been steadily on the rise. Their early singles have gained the support from Huw Stephens (Radio 1), Jack Saunders, and John Kennedy (Radio X). With the release of their single, "Little Amsterdam," Luna Bay was added to the Radio 1 Introducing playlist and became one of the most played artists on BBC Radio Wales. Having supported acts like Nothing But Thieves , The Academic , and Declan McKenna , Luna Bay has gone on to sell out several headline shows of their own. Some of their popular releases include "Call the Night," "Hometown," "20 Signs," and "Blue." 3. Royal Sugar Originally formed in Florida, Royal Sugar is a rising pop-rock band currently based in Nashville. The group is known for their modern take on the Glam Rock era, combining the visual aesthetics of the ‘70s time period with a contemporary sound. Frontman Tyler Cohenour is Marc Bolan reincarnated, having an uncanny resemblance to the late Glam Rock pioneer. Capturing the attention of a new generation of listeners, Royal Sugar has already garnered 114K followers and 3.4M likes on TikTok, 99.3K followers on Instagram, and hundreds of thousands of streams across various platforms since their 2021 debut. Their most popular song, “Fleeting Love” has reached 823,866 streams on Spotify, showing the success the band currently enjoys and will hopefully continue to grow. 2. Sea Girls Formed in 2015, Sea Girls are an English indie/pop-rock band consisting of members Henry Camamile, Rory Young, Andrew Dawson, and Oliver Khan. The four-piece met in school, bonding over a love for music and leading to their 2017 debut with the single “Call Me Out.” They have since been building an impressive catalog, having 3 studio albums, 4 EPs, and several singles to their name. Sea Girls’ first two albums, Open Up Your Head  and Homesick , resulted in the group charting within the UK Top 3, later followed by their 2024 album, Midnight Butterflies , charting within the UK Top 5. 1. Honey Revenge Formed in 2021, Honey Revenge is an LA-based pop-rock band currently consisting of members Devin Papadol and Donovan Lloyd. The group originally formed as a five-piece band, later becoming a duo when the COVID pandemic prompted the three other members to leave. Though it took them quite some time to decide on a name, Papadol and Lloyd settled on Honey Revenge as it reflects the band’s aesthetic–cutesy but rigid. They released their debut single, “Miss Me,” in November of 2021, setting the band up for the success they’ve been enjoying today. As of now, Honey Revenge has 545,795 monthly listeners on Spotify, 198K followers on Instagram, and 151.1K followers and 3M likes on TikTok, showing the band’s ability to build a solid fanbase in a short amount of time. Honey Revenge has gone on to release their first album, Retrovision , in 2023 and a brand-new single, “Recipe For Disaster,” in 2024, which can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music. Do you have a favorite pop-rock artist that you feel deserves more love? Are there any in this list you'll be adding to your playlists? Let us know on our socials! Written By Cheyenne Johnson Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | TikTok | YouTube *copyright not intended. Fair use act, section 107.

  • Review: "Boy Behind the Mask" - GAUSTAD

    GAUSTAD’s latest single “Boy Behind the Mask” chronicles the progression of living a lie to experiencing your truth. It seems as though, from even the earliest memories you have, your complete identity has remained carefully hidden. A deep anger resides inside of you and it protrudes into every aspect of your life. You have always tried to ignore those feelings of being someone you did not quite understand. There has always been another side of your identity that was different than what you were told to be. What you are is not what you believed you were supposed to be, and this has taken over your life. Differing gender identities resonate within you and all your forceful hiding has reached its limit. No amount of masking your inner conflicts with numbing substances can truly free you. Who you truly are, as complicated and different as it seems, craves acceptance and understanding from within yourself. Your innermost fantasy is being true to yourself, and that means self-acceptance. The anger that once permeated throughout your entire being no longer exists as you accept the boy behind the mask. “Boy Behind the Mask” is an indie and alt pop anthem with a somber yet introspective tone and meaning. We are first introduced to melancholy piano chord progressions that set the mood. With the introduction of GAUSTAD’s stunning vocal performance, we begin leaning heavily into the overall narrative. The instrumentation leads you to believe that this single may be an entirely somber experience, but as the story progresses, we learn of the redemptive self-love the narrator gradually accepts. As percussive elements are introduced, we understand that the complex feelings displayed in the beginning are not meant to last. The audience is expected to, and does, learn and understand more as the song progresses. This accumulates into a shared experience of growth and progression. GAUSTAD is an American singer-songwriter who already has a thriving music career at just twenty-two years old. They first stepped into the public eye in 2018 with their cover of Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” which has amassed over 20 million views over time. In 2021, they released their first E.P. as well as their debut album. One of the singles from their debut album features a music video that had a surprise guest appearance from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit actress Mariska Hargitay. They received relative success and have made guest appearances and features in many well-known platforms. GAUSTAD has made guest performances and features on shows such as The Kelly Clarkson Show and The Today Show. They have received praise and admiration on social media from celebrities such as Lady Gaga on Twitter and Mick Jagger on Instagram. Through their music, they showcase their life experiences by incorporating it through their lyricism. Make sure to follow them on social media and give “Boy Behind the Mask” a listen! Written By Willow Gray FOLLOW GAUSTAD: Instagram | Spotify  | Facebook

  • Review: "Confession" - Alvin Weise

    Pop newcomer Alvin Weise just put out his third single, "Confession," on July 5, 2024. The moody electro-pop song tackles Weise's experience moving on from a relationship that just wasn't good for him anymore. He realized that he had been too forgiving, and he couldn't continue the cycle of listening to excuses and staying with a person that simply wasn't the right match for him. Similar to artists like Benjamin Ingrosso and Dermot Kennedy, Weise has crafted an earworm pop sound complemented by authentic lyricism and rich vocals. Make sure to add "Confession" to all your favorite playlists. "Confession" is a synth-studded breakup anthem about finally cutting ties with the person that has a pattern of betraying you. Written, produced, and performed by Weise, the song feels true to him and his experience with falling in and out of love. He lets us inside his struggles with escaping into a romance and trying to move on from it when reality catches up. This sentiment is expressed with lines like "Don't need your confession / There's no need to lie" and "Fuck your explanation / Baby, this is goodbye." He also touches on how he can fall into love like it is an addiction. He opens up about this with the line, "Your love's infectious and I need a remedy." Even if you are not breaking free from a relationship, "Confession" is the perfect song to sing and dance along to. Alvin Weise is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. Growing up in a musical household, he picked up the guitar at 10 years old and has been on his artistic journey since. Currently, he is finishing up the last year of his education in songwriting at Musikmakarna in Stockholm. He put out his first single, "Starting Over," only earlier this year in March. If you enjoyed "Confession," make sure to check out the rest of Weise's releases. You can also keep up with all the latest information on Alvin Weise and his music by following the social media links below. After this release, I cannot wait to see what he will put out next. Written By Sydney Gray FOLLOW ALVIN WEISE: Instagram | Spotify   | Facebook

  • Review: "Foreign Feelings" - FION

    Developing a harmless crush on someone can be rather intimidating. Our feelings of a plausible love may be more than certain, yet we still somehow manage to second-guess ourselves and our decisions. Even more so after we have faced previous heartache, trying so hard to turn over a new leaf, practically running away from such daunting emotions just to spare ourselves the stress and apprehension that come with crushing on someone new, dubious on whether or not our hearts and soul can take on a new love after conquering prior heartbreak. These feelings are all too foreign, but, the vehement emotions this crush makes us feel are too strong, and in the end, we give into that natural yearning that aches in our hearts. We find that we are  ready to love, after all. “Foreign Feelings” by FION expresses similar emotions in the tune of a harmonious song with lyrics that describe the doubtful sentiments we feel when we develop intimate feelings for someone. Just like the lyrics suggest “I still feel scared” Although we are sure of our feelings, we still can’t help but feel vulnerable and scared of such foreign feelings. The sound is lighthearted, and the innately talented voice of our singer, FION, adds a delicate touch, lacing the song with the light and airy feelings we experience during such an innocent and heart-racing crush. Listening closer to the song, I notice that the tempo seems to rise, and the speed seems to increase, starting off slow and deliberate, mimicking the very start of a typical crush. Quickly, the tempo of the song changes and the speed is faster, imitating the adrenaline rushes we feel whenever we interact with our crushes– our hearts instantly respond to it. Fion’s emotive voice adds intensity to the song with its heartfelt lyrics that will adeptly resonate with any listeners who have previously experienced similar emotions. I think the song and its expressive lyrics have captured the emotions so accurately, skillfully managing to redirect the song from expressing dubious sentiments at first, to expressing decisive ones at the end of the song. FION, the incredible artist behind the song “Foreign Feelings”, is a singer and songwriter who resonates most with genres like alternative pop, rock pop, indie pop, and pop! Fion, who is only 21 years old, finds a deep and vehement passion for making music that comes from her very soul. “Foreign Feelings” was Fion’s first single for her very first EP which is coming up in August of this year! Fion has released multiple tracks in the past but this would be her very first EP as a singer! Her most recent song is titled “Save You” which was released on July 5th. Fion enjoys connecting with her listeners and supporters, often interacting with them by uploading snippets of her songs and uploading photos of herself and her journey throughout life. I cannot wait to hear more of Fion’s work, and I will look forward to her EP that comes out this August! Follow her socials to stay in contact with her and indulge in her life as a singer. Written By Rosalyn Sanchez FOLLOW FION: Instagram   | Spotify  | TikTok  | YouTube   *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Review: "Out of Sight" - Olivia Burnette

    Out of Sight grabs our attention right out of the gate with the upbeat flow of the music. Once the artist begins singing, we're sucked in yet again by the relatable lyrics. The title and the lyrics help the listener connect the song to the saying "Out of sight, out of mind." The basis of the song is that moving on after heartbreak can be easier if we can't find our ex or if they simply aren't around. We're given powerful lyrics like "You love the feeling / But don't like me." This lets the listener feel the ache of heartbreak for the smallest of moments. The song continues and says "Out of sight / Out of mind / Easy to heal when you're hard to find / Left to decide, I have no choice but to move on." We then experience the power that we hold after heartbreak, the choice to move past it most of the time for the better. The beat of the song does a great job of setting the mood to feel something like sarcastic empowerment. This in no way is a bad thing; it makes the song that much more relatable. This particular mood resonates with those who have experienced heartbreak and know that most of the time, you want 'the best for your ex' we all know what that really means. The guitar elevates this song and gives it the perfect amount of power pertaining to the matter at hand. When these elements are paired with the artist's voice, it not only makes the song beautiful to listen to, but it also brings the message full circle. The artist's pitch makes the song flow in a way that was necessary for it to impact the listeners. Burnette is from Los Angeles, and her music currently falls under the indie pop category. Her target audience is those who can relate and connect to topics like love, self discovery, and the ups and downs of life. When asked who inspires her, Olivia Burnette said, "I grew up listening to and loving Taylor Swift and Carole King. I hope my songs can provide the same comfort those songs have given me." Other songs of hers include The Last Word and Hurt you to Lose Me. Her latest releases have pushed and challenged the musical boundaries within the indie genre. Olivia Burnette isn't going anywhere, and she is sure to blow us all out of the water with her unique and intriguing style of music. Written By Destiny Rundquist FOLLOW Olivia Burnette: Instagram | Spotify

  • Review: "Last Breath" - Caleb Hearn

    Caleb Hearn is back and more vulnerable than ever in his latest playful single entitled, “Last Breath.” This beautiful track touches on the excitement of new love and the challenges which follow. Caleb’s singer-songwriter roots are showcased through the utilization of crisp imagery such as the passing of seasons and the following line, “I wanna walk with you into the dark/ I wanna see where forever could end.” Time and forever is neatly packed inside the lyrics of “Last Breath,” symbolized by the decision to “buy a ring” and the numbers integrated into each of the verses, “Five weeks of winter just came and went/ Blink and it’s 6 months, you’re moving in.” The fast-paced nature of the beginning of this relationship is not abnormal, and I’m sure many of us can relate to moving quickly during the honeymoon phase. Overall, the theme of unconditional love fills this song with romance, and the lyrics are expertly edited into a piece of art which flows nicely, sounds amazing, and means a lot. “Last Breath” by Caleb Hearn is a wonderfully crafted track which sounds both personal and intimate in nature. Its production is simple, yet romantic. Let’s take a deep dive into the instrumentals and soundscape of the track. This love song begins with a gentle piano which aids in setting the tone for Caleb’s heartfelt lyrics. A great choice for “Last Breath” was to incorporate an echo on the main vocals, it adds depth and a sense of closeness, all while its harmonies work to enhance the emotional impact. The gradual build of the song includes the addition of soft guitar strums alongside the subdued piano, and by the end a beautiful chorus joins Caleb. The overarching mood and tone I would use to describe the track is tender, and I truly believe this is a perfect song to slow dance to.. whether it be in the middle of a dance floor, or in your own kitchen! Caleb Hearn is an accomplished Nashville-based singer-songwriter originating from the small town Mount Airy, North Carolina. He’s achieved notability and gained a core audience through consistently posting his musical content on social media ( Specifically Tiktok ). His breakout single, “Always Be” which beautifully  honors a friend of his who tragically passed away was one of Caleb’s first successes. This helped him gain traction, followed by other hits such as “Brown Eyes, Brown Hair” and collaborations with music industry juggernauts such as Jillian Rossi. Hearn’s audience has watched his creativity and honesty grow and evolve into the impressive artist he is today, boasting nearly 100k Youtube subscribers and 2.9 million monthly Spotify listeners. If you absolutely loved “Last Breath” and want to hear more from Caleb Hearn, follow him on all social media listed below to keep an eye out for his brand new LP "Left On McKinney" out Sept. 6th! Written By Casey Hascup FOLLOW CALEB: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | YouTube

  • Review: "Dancing On Tables" - The Knockaround Band

    Second chances should never be taken for granted and should be celebrated for the opportunities they are. This is the message The Knockaround Band captures in their latest single, "Dancing On Tables." The uplifting track is part of a dual single release, being accompanied by the song " Coming For You ." "Dancing On Tables" draws from the band members' personal experiences as they elaborate on the inspiration behind the song by stating, "This song is about second chances and celebrating them. This song came after a tough time in my family's life, which resulted in a rush of happiness after overcoming it. This song captures that vibrancy and elations we felt thanks to the second chance we were given." Matching the song's optimistic lyrics, "Dancing On Tables" creates the perfect bright and cheerful sound, expressing to listeners that things do get better when given a second chance. The track features a compelling blend of colorful synths, irresistible dance beats, and playful guitar riffs, making for an unforgettable pop rock and dance pop soundscape. Memorable melodies float over the single's mesmerizing instrumentals, delivered by the lead singer's masterful vocal performance reminiscent of iconic singers like Gavin DeGraw and Train's Pat Monahan . Hailing from Chicago, The Knockaround Band is a pop duo just getting started with their vibrant, infectious melodies and spellbinding lyricism. The pair began releasing music earlier this year, starting with their debut single, " Keep Your Head Up ." They have since released two more singles, "Dancing On Tables" and "Coming For You," giving listeners a sneak peek into what to expect from The Knockaround Band in the future. Blending together dance pop with pop rock, The Knockaround Band is perfect for fans of The Band CAMINO , The Wldlfe , flor , COIN , and Bad Suns to keep on their radar. Written By Cheyenne Johnson FOLLOW THE KNOCKAROUND BAND: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube

  • Review: "Love You Right Back" - Allegra

    Confessional lyrics, a synth-heavy instrumental, and a groove that will never wear out on the dance floor. Those are just a few descriptors for Allegra’s electric new single ‘Love You Right Back’. The song is a sub-three-minute message detailing Allegra’s attempt at making a compromise for her significant other. In a soft tone, she begins the first verse with “sometimes a secret’s too vulnerable to be shared, got me thinking that it’s time to be honest”. Right out of the gate, she makes it clear what her intentions are. This sets the stage for one of the catchiest hooks I’ve heard in a long time; “If you tell me that you love me, then I’ll love you right back, love you right back”. The song quickly transitions into an upbeat chorus, consisting of an extremely danceable beat and a strong synth soundscape. ‘Love You Right Back’ is an anthem that is destined to have VIP access into every club. It has the sound of a Calvin Harris song; A swirling chorus along with ebullient dance breaks that gives off the happiest of vibes. The story behind the song’s lyrics are something we’ve all been through. Those feelings you’ve been holding back towards someone finally need to be let loose, and you’re unsure if the other person feels the same way. Extremely relatable, and especially poignant. Allegra teamed up with powerhouse DJ ALOK to create a remixed version of this jammer. ALOK’s bread and butter is creating dance-floor favorites that are guaranteed to bring people onto their feet, so the remix is a must-listen. But this is nowhere close to Allegra’s first project as an artist. The London-based singer has been recording original tracks since the age of 14, and her portfolio is filled with distinctive anthems. In 2023, she released the dance track ‘Round & Round’. While the original version is without a doubt a great song, it was the Tiësto remix that took it to another level. As of July 2024, the Tiësto remix has surpassed 6 million streams on Spotify. If you’re interested in learning more about Allegra and her journey, she does a great job of keeping up to date on social media. You can follow her on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Check out ‘Love You Right Back’ and all of her other jammers on platforms like Spotify and YouTube. Written By Camden Luca FOLLOW ALLEGRA: Instagram   | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube   *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Review: "Lover Girl" - Saint Misty

    Singer Saint Misty releases her charmingly quirky new single, “Lover Girl," in which she embraces and comments on queer identity and the word “lesbian." Saint Misty playfully makes fun of the controversy surrounding gender identity and the insistence on adhering to gender categories or constraints. The lyrics are simple, just like the message of her song, and convey a nonchalance that flows throughout each verse and matches the song's laid-back aura. “It's not a curse word,” she notes, “it's not the dirtiest thing I've ever heard.” Throughout the song Saint Misty remarks on “girl lover[s],” and the box that gender identity is often locked in and how it is stigmatized. However, Saint Misty could care less about labels as she proclaims, “Call me what you want / Call me what you like / She likes girls / Maybe she's a girl lover.” Before starting the term in the chorus, Saint Misty kiddingly cuts off the word “lesbian” and chooses “lover girl" instead, making the song even more fun and amusing. Saint Misty denotes confidence throughout her song, marches to the beat of her drum, and supports others to do the same. The song is loose and flowing, simple in structure, a summer fun bop with an addictively catchy tune. The single's electronic piano notes repeat in a back-and-forth motion that expresses a humorous tone and moves like an endless loop in the song. The comical tone matches the theme of the song as Saint Misty calls for freedom and acceptance when met with the challenges of queer identity. The melody sounds like we are stuck on a ferris wheel ride or playing a carnival game which follows along with the song's context. Her voice sounds nonchalant and laid back, easygoing going just like her song's overall message of gender fluidity. To further add to the song's entertaining quality, Saint Misty skillfully incorporates a famous quote from Mean Girls in the bridge, which perfectly compliments the zany energy and captures the spirit of the song. A voice for the LGBTQ+ community, singer Saint Misty calls for others to proudly embrace their true selves as she proudly embraces her own identity. Born in Santa Rosa, CA, named Mikayla Marsh, Saint Misty grew up in a religious community and began exploring her queer identity through her music and songwriting. Known for being completely raw and honest in her music, Saint Misty reflects on her past and embraces her authentic self, always striving to be fully transparent with her fans and listeners. Saint Misty has already made a statement with her unique sound, with “Lover Girl” following in the footsteps of her other notable singles, “Clouds on the Ceiling” and “Idiot Kings.” She is also set to release two new singles alongside “Lover Girl” later this year. With remarkable musical talent carved in each song, and a heavenly voice entwined in each individualistic piece, Saint Misty is already well on her way to the top. Check out her latest single below! Written By Mia Chavez FOLLOW SAINT MISTY: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | YouTube

  • Review: "Hear Me Out" - San Sebastian

    Swedish Idol contestant and fan favorite is back with a vibrant pop tune for the summer. "Hear Me Out" packs a deeply emotional tale beneath the surface of its synthpop exterior. It's a song about holding onto a dying relationship. You know it's over. You can't go back to the way things were, but you still reach out in hopes that maybe you can rekindle that flame. It's a tragic and stressful feeling to realize that a relationship is at its end, and this track perfectly encapsulates the stages of grief in play until the fire burns out. This much emotion isn't typical for the synthpop genre and it really sheds some light on the unique talent San Sebastian brings to the table. Not every artist can be so vulnerable but mask it so well. Listen to "Hear Me Out" on Spotify now!! Musically, "Hear Me Out" dominates the hip-lounge music scene. This song is an absolute club banger. You could play this at any party and I guarantee it would have a crowd on their feet. It's got bright synth riffs, a groovy bassline, and nonstop club drums. What more could you want? Oh, right, San Sebastian's killer vocals of course. It's actually hard to believe that the lyrics are as emotional as they are with such a danceable vibe. It reminds me a lot of songs by Adam Lambert, Tove Lo, and Fletcher that take a similar approach of putting emotional stories into upbeat pop jams. San Sebastian definitely has made this art his own though, adding a shiny chrome camouflage to such a melancholy topic. And it works. Originally hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, pop artist and songwriter, Sebastian Rydgren found his love for music performing in talent shows. He would go on to attend the singer-songwriter program at Rytmus, a college in Stockholm. In 2022, he became a contestant on Swedish Idol, giving his art its much-deserved exposure to the public. Finishing in an impressive fourth place, Sebastian took some time to refine and hone his skills as a musician. Having originally released music under the name Norr, Sebastian has now rebranded himself as San Sebastian. With a fresh start, "Hear Me Out" marks the debut of this new persona. I truly admire when an artist can discover more about themselves in their art, and I can't wait to keep following San Sebastian in future releases. "Hear Me Out" is available on your favorite streaming platform now and you should definitely check it out! Written By Shelbi Baker FOLLOW SAN SEBASTIAN: Instagram   | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | SoundCloud   *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Concert Review: Glastonbury Music Festival 2024

    Photo: Andrew Allcock via Glastonbury Festival Website Initially known as the Pilton Pop, Folk, and Blues Festival, the music gathering took place at Worthy Farm, opening the day after Jimi Hendrix 's tragic demise. The following year found the celebration, donning its new moniker, The Glastonbury Fayre, and shifting the date to coincide with the summer solstice. This humble event gradually evolved into the celebration that is globally known and beloved today - the Glastonbury Festival for the Contemporary Performing Arts. Expanding to include circus-like performances, theatre elements, and music, the celebration now encompasses several days and features multiple stages. Glastonbury's first television broadcast in 1994 helped ensure the festival's ongoing success and popularity to this day. Photo: Matt Cardy via Glastonbury Festival Website Legendary artists such as David Bowie , Dolly Parton , The Cure , Adele , Florence + The Machine , Snoop Dogg , and Katy Perry have honored the event's stages throughout the decades. Rather than focusing on headlining acts of Glastonbury's 2024 lineup today, this review features some of the events' hidden gems. Lesser-known (to the United States, usually) artists, such as The Vaccines , The Last Dinner Party , Justice , and Mannequin Pussy , will be highlighted. (Disclaimer - since the event is based in England, a VPN may be necessary for optimal content selection, such as full artist sets. However, there are numerous performances available on YouTube that those of us 'across the pond' can access without such a service). Formed in West London, English indie rock band The Vaccines has been taking to the stage since 2010. The band's current lineup includes Justin Hayward-Young (lead vocals/guitar), Arni Arnason (bass/vocals), Timothy Lanham (guitar/keys/vocals), and Yoann Intonti (drums). Immensely popular, the group has toured with huge names such as Arctic Monkeys , The Rolling Stones , Imagine Dragons , and Red Hot Chili Peppers . Some notable tunes to check out include Wetsuit, Your Love is My Favourite Band, and Headphones Baby. Upbeat, feel-good songs featuring high-energy music that makes you smile are on offer here. Newly formed London indie band The Last Dinner Party took the music scene by storm in 2021. Featuring five members, the band's roster includes Abigail Morris (vocals), Lizzie Mayland (vocals/guitar), Emily Roberts (lead guitar/mandolin/flute), Aurora Nishevci (keys/vocals), and Georgia Davies (bass). Winning the BBC 's Sound of 2024, and their first album, Prelude To Ecstacy, debuted atop the UK album charts, outselling records by The Weeknd , Noah Kahan , and Taylor Swift to claim the coveted title. Selections such as Caesar on a TV Screen, Gjuha, My Lady of Mercy, and Mirror come highly recommended. Impeccable vocals, avante-garde music, and immense talent and creativity are hallmarks of the band's songs. Formed in 2003, the French electronic music duo Justice are no stranger to the music scene. Members Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay have been hard at work on their new LP after a five-year hiatus, releasing Hyperdrama in April of this year. Justice are known for incorporating strong rock influences from bands such as Daft Punk into their music. Some tunes to consider include Neverender, Safe and Sound, and Incognito. Listeners can expect highly catchy songs laced with infectious beats that are sure to keep them dancing for hours at the club. An American exception to the list, Mannequin Pussy is an indie punk rock band from Philadelphia. Formed in 2010, members include Marisa Dabice (vocals/guitar), Colins Regisford (vocals/bass), Maxine Steen (guitar/synths), and Kaleen Reading (percussion). Emerging from the slumber of a five-year hiatus, the group released its latest offering, I Got Heaven, on March 1st of this year. Songs to give a try include I Got Heaven, Control, Loud Bark, and Softly. Vibrant music paired with a wide array of attention-commanding vocals are staples that leave fans of Mannequin Pussy clamoring for more. Photo: Anna Barclay via Glastonbury Festival Website Although I have only experienced snippets of this event through videos and photographs, I still feel as though I've stumbled into a magical Wonderland. I can only imagine how it must feel to experience all the sights and sounds of Glastonbury in person and fully immerse myself in the whirlwind of activity. Combining headlining acts such as SZA , Coldplay , Dua Lipa , and Avril Lavigne with artists like those highlighted here ensures something available for nearly everyone's musical taste. The music itself is just the tip of the iceberg - myriad performance acts, local artisans, and ceremonies held on grounds steeped in rich cultural lore explain why the festival has bloomed into a five-day celebration. Written By Vanessa Siebrass Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | TikTok | YouTube *Copyright not intended. Fair Use Act, Section 107.

  • Review: "Masterpiece" - Conor Maynard

    “It was perfect how we had it couple years ago.” This sentence paired with the immense sadness the piano conveys as this song begins puts the listener in a somber mood. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this song isn’t about a current masterpiece, but a former one. Maynard further discloses that “all the things that made it worth it started getting old.” It’s a sad fact, of course, but, sometimes, people do really and truly just grow apart. It seems as though Maynard is singing about such an instance – where the relationship seemed to be a match made in heaven, absolute perfection, but the feelings began to lessen and the compatibility ceased. An official description for this single -“A heartfelt piano ballad that spotlights Conor's strong vocals and deep sadness. The simple piano melody sets a sad tone, letting Conor's voice stand out as he shares his emotions in every note. The song tells the story of lost love and feeling vulnerable, making it a very personal and touching experience.” In this song Conor emotes the message of sheer agony by following the melody, repeatedly driving home the point of intense and utter devastation and sadness. Conor’s voice flows through the song expertly, knowing which lines to sing softly and which require more force and rasp “Are we letting go when we’ve got no good reason?” This line is a rather strong one in the song and Conor sings it with such conviction and angst, it’s perfect for this song and that specific part in this song, making the song itself a masterpiece. “Wish that we were leaving a catastrophe. Why'd it have to be such a masterpiece?” These lines give us more of a glimpse into the almost-perfect relationship that Conor is describing to us, the listener. Although he feels that it’s “no good reason” to give up on the relationship, if the love has faded, then that is truly reason enough. It’s much better to let go if the love is no longer felt there than to hold on based off of past success and stronger feelings. 'Cause I can't bring myself to sit near your side of the couch. I know I haven't moved, it's like I'm in a different house.” All of these personal touches make the song unique to this situation, of course others can relate but Conor makes it abundantly clear who he is talking about and describes day-to-day life now without them, not wanting to be near a piece of furniture that reminds him of his former lover and feeling like the home he lives in is now somehow a different place entirely without said person. Some people get so deeply woven into your life that, in the unfortunate instance that they leave, the absence is felt on astronomical levels and it can take a long time to rebuild your life while carving them out of your psyche and making new memories without them to replace the memories of them. The choice to make the piano and Conor’s vocals the focal point of this song instrumentally was a genius decision, it allows the listener to truly feel the song in its bare bones. It’s a stripped version in the original version, I can only imagine how insane an acoustic version of this would be. Maynard has a true masterpiece on his hands. Conor Maynard is a 31-year-old singer/songwriter from Brighton, England. Conor’s musical career was jump started by his posting covers to YouTube when the site was fresh on the scene. After his covers began to go viral and gave him notoriety in the entertainment world, Maynard was signed to Parlophone Records in 2010. Since then, Maynard has released three albums, two under Parlophone and one independently. Maynard’s social media following consists of millions of followers across all platforms. His monthly listener count on Spotify alone is up to 4,000,000 and on its way to 5,000,000. Conor’s musical style is that of the pop genre. While Conor continues to make and post covers, he has been releasing more original songs recently with “Masterpiece” being the latest offering. If “Masterpiece” is any indication, fans are in for a real treat with Maynard’s next project. Follow Conor on all of his socials below! Written By Keiunna Thompson FOLLOW CONOR MAYNARD: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok   | Facebook  | YouTube

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