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  • Review: "carousel" - Marina Vanoff

    Singer-songwriter Marina Vanoff's newly released single, "carousel," is an indie-rock track about romantic relationships and self-healing. The song, a mellow guitar-centric ballad, is about needing to leave a relationship for your personal growth and the complex emotions that come with that. Marina writes about a relatable adult experience: one where you care about the person, but they are not the right fit for your own life. This ties in cleverly with the title as a metaphor for this decaying relationship. Marina herself says, "Carousels are really fun at first, but if you're on one for a long time, you get sick and dizzy and just need to get off it. A relationship just can't be fun all the time, it's okay to recognize that a relationship isn't right for you and to have the courage to make a change for your own well-being." "carousel" is a special kind of song; it speaks to mature, real-life experiences often unexplored in pop music. Love and life are complex, and Marina writes about these complications with ease. "carousel" is a song bound to appeal in how relatable and empowering its message is. With its down-tempo beat and chill sonic atmosphere, "carousel" is a song to blast in the car with the windows down. But the song's main appeal is its lyrical content. Marina's storytelling and sharp lyricism are biting and emotionally resonant. It's hard to listen and not feel every emotion she does. Lines like "really wish it could be you forever, but I don't think you'll get tired of going in circles" are gut-punching in their succinctness. Marina cites artists like Fiona Apple as her main influences, which comes through in her work. Fans of female rock artists like Fiona or Phoebe Bridgers would find much in Marina's works. "carousel" is an honest, emotionally vulnerable piece of indie rock with a lot to say. Marina Vanoff is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter. She released her debut EP, "Nocturnal Eyes," last September, featuring the tracks "Make Up Your Mind," "IDK," and "The Sky is Falling." Much like "carousel," Marina's other works focus on candid lyricism and alt-indie sounds. They are a blend of 90s nostalgia and modern rock aesthetics. On May 3rd, Marina released "voodoo doll," the first track in the leadup to her debut album, "Bones, Baby!" scheduled for release later this year. The track has over 20,000 views on YouTube, and Marina herself has over 17,000 subscribers. Marina's career is only beginning, and you can listen to "carousel," along with the rest of her discography, on streaming services now. Written By Lauren Nolan FOLLOW MARINA: Instagram   | Spotify  | TikTok  | YouTube  | Pandora *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Review: "Falling Crazy" - Josh Galiano

    Josh Galiano gets lost in love with his latest single, "Falling Crazy." The track conveys a powerful, uplifting feeling, reflecting lyrically on the immersive experience of love as an emotion. Galiano considers the feeling to be one of the strongest in the universe, giving him the inspiration to express succumbing to love in the lyrics for "Falling Crazy." Being the third single released by Galiano this year, "Falling Crazy" comes just in time for summer, serving as the perfect anthem for the energizing season. The track is one listeners can easily fall for, matching the lighthearted lyrics with an upbeat tune. Creating an addictive soundscape that compliments the song's sunny narrative, Galiano masterfully blends electro-pop with dance-pop in "Falling Crazy." The track features euphoric melodies, infectious beats, lush harmonies, and radiant synths, reflecting the joy the artist feels about falling in love. Giving the single a rich composition, "Falling Crazy" layers energetic acoustic guitar riffs throughout the song, contrasting the synth and dance beat heavy instrumentals. Between the infectious soundscape and the captivating lyrics, "Falling Crazy" is a compelling listen perfect for fans of Justin Bieber , Marius Bear , and Calvin Harris. Born and raised in Zurich, Josh Galiano is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter on the rise. The artist realized his love for music at a young age, sparking a desire to use music to communicate with a wider audience and convey his personal experiences through the lyrics he writes. Debuting in 2021, Galiano released his first single, "Love Sucks," garnering over 200,000 streams on Spotify. He followed that success with a few more singles, later signing with IZSOGOOD Music at the end of 2023. With a strong team behind him, Galiano is embarking on a new chapter in his career, giving us much to look forward to. Written By Cheyenne Johnson FOLLOW JOSH GALIANO: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube

  • Review: "UNDER THE WEATHER" - Stilla

    Beginning the song with electric guitar was just the edge needed to convey the message of “I’m over this. Good day.” Stilla has an upbeat “f you” track that will have any and everyone singing along, a summer bop, for sure. Stilla begins the storytelling, “You say you hate me.” This immediately clues the listener into the fact that this situation isn't going well, that is, of course, coupled with the title referencing being sick. With the beat being as up-tempo as it is, it certainly doesn’t put the listener in the mind of being under the weather. But, of course, that’s more than likely the point of it, to inspire others to say, “Enough is enough.” Stilla explained the inspiration behind the bop -““I really wanted to capture that moment where you quit putting up with someone's BS, and start focusing on you and your happiness and freedom to be your best self.”” Stilla makes a point of differentiating between when she is with her significant other and when she isn’t. “You got me feeling so under the weather. Can’t stop the cloudy days when we’re together. You got me feeling so under the weather.” So, this isn’t a situation where one can use the “It’s not you, it’s me.” line. Stilla is saying “No, it’s definitely you, not me.” “It’s like you’re just on a mission to bring me down” The bass guitar picks up the edge where the electric guitar left off, Stilla’s voice navigates the beat with such ease. The beat also seems to mimic steps as one can potentially envision Stilla walking away from this toxic situation. Stilla also sings of how loving her soon-to-be ex-lover has been “painful” and how she feels that they’re a “pessimist”. With this picture being painted for the relationship, there’s no wonder Stilla feels under the weather around them and is looking to get away from that. So, essentially, this song is a notice to a significant other that the relationship is finito while even giving them a groovy song to dance and sing along to. Stilla and her team are truly genius and this song is a pop masterpiece of giant proportions. Stilla, a self-described “certified pop princess”, and the singer/songwriter is living out that moniker. As an independent artist, Stilla has lots of control over her image as well as musical offerings to the world and she has been making all of the right moves thus far, garnering a nice-sized fan base and receiving recognition from celebrities like Jesy Nelson and Charlie Puth. Stilla’s musical style is described as electro pop and Gen-Z influenced. If “UNDER THE WEATHER” is any indication, I think it’s safe to say that this pop princess isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and will continue to grace us listeners with musical gems of royal quality for years to come. If you’ve over the moon for Stilla’s single and want to check out more of her music/content, follow her on all socials below! Written By Keiunna Thompson FOLLOW STILLA: Instagram | Sp otify   | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTub e

  • Review: "Haymaker" - Greyson Chance

    Greyson Chance’s latest single, “Haymaker,” centers around the tumultuous relationship between Chance and his brother. The song itself is about a punch, both physical and metaphorical – a reminder that words can hurt just as much as actions. Family is tricky, it’s never easy to walk away from blood, but when a relationship no longer serves you, sometimes it’s necessary. “Haymaker” really dives deep into that difficult sibling dynamic. Though these two once shared interests and similarities, they’re different people now. Yet, no matter how big of a disagreement or how long of a distance, there’s still love there. Chance heartbreakingly captures this narrative as he sings, “It was a gut punch when you said I wasn’t no one // Boy, you hit a home run // I could feel the house shake // Screaming at me til’ your jaw breaks // I know you hate me, but I’ll warn ya // Boy, I’ll always love ya.” “Haymaker” pays homage to Chance’s Oklahoma roots, while telling a story that hits incredibly close to home for the artist. Its folk, country vibe are a departure from the pop-laden tracks that Chance has become known for, but nonetheless his deep, gravel-filled voice and emotional lyrics could fit into any genre. The song starts off with just guitar and Chance’s voice as his lyrics help set the scene. Moving into the first chorus, the drum kicks in, building up the intensity that matches the heaviness of the story. One thing I’ve come to admire about Chance, is that he’s not an artist that relies on theatrics or overly boisterous beats and productions, his words are enough to draw you in and keep you coming back from more. That is a true artist. Greyson Chance was only 12-years-old when he skyrocketed to fame. Now at 26, he’s the most raw and vulnerable he’s ever been. Chance, who is a seasoned singer-songwriter and pianist, knows how to navigate metaphors and lyrical narratives like no other. As the kids say nowadays, his pen game is strong. After taking some time to develop his talents away from the spotlight and releasing a string of independent singles, the Oklahoma native re-emerged with his 2019 album Portraits . The album was critically acclaimed and was further supported by a successful world tour. His third album, Palladium , continued to draw in listeners, new and old, who were eager to hear the emotional storyteller do what he does best. Coming off the heels of his introspective single, “Rearview Mirror,” Chance’s latest single packs an even deeper lyrical punch. You can now listen to “Haymaker” on all music streaming platforms. Written By Giselle Morales FOLLOW GREYSON CHANCE Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube

  • Review: "Running Wild" - Camden West

    The end of a relationship can be many different things. It can be heartbreaking, freeing, or simply numbing. Sometimes, however, it can be exactly the opposite of what we expect it to be. Camden West’s latest single “Running Wild” details his point of view and experience with this very matter. He expected his ability to (as he puts it) ‘run wild’, and yet he finds that all he wants is to be back together with his partner. His lyrics bring the question to light of if the breakup was really what was best for them, and if his ex partner is feeling the same way. Do they miss him as much as he misses them? He asks himself this question, along with questioning how to truly feel okay while running wild. The soundscape of this song is a mix of folk and pop, seemingly matching the vibes of artists like Ben Rector, Matt Kearny, and John Mayer (although with a little more electronics added to Mayer’s sound to reach West’s). The soundscape feels bright and yet nostalgic, and it ebs and flows with West’s lyrics. He sings touching lines like, “Running wild should feel so good / but every step I take / takes me back to you” in the chorus, and “My back and bones are breaking / my heart just started aching” as the first line of the bridge. He repeats my personal favorite lyric throughout the song: “Just got you on my mind / running wild and running free”. These words are so simple, but really show how no matter what he is doing and no matter how good he is supposed to feel, all he can do is think about his past relationship. Camden West is a Las Vegas and Nashville based artist, and has amassed almost 1,000 monthly Spotify streamers. He is classified as a folk, pop, and rock artist, and has stated that he has taken inspiration from his personal favorite artists growing up: The Rolling Stones, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, and Keith Urban. He has one album released titled Outside the Lines, and one EP titled The Space Between, as well as multiple singles including “Running Wild”. He has had the opportunity to perform with artists such as the American Authors and Jake Miller, and is currently working on recording his third studio production. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more music from West. Written By Tessa Maddaloni FOLLOW CAMDEN WEST: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube

  • Review: "Gravity" - Diana Goldberg

    Diana Goldberg's new single, 'Gravity', evokes a whirlwind of emotions, detailing the intense whimsy of budding romance and how falling in love often leaves us feeling like we're "defying gravity". Through her brilliant lyricism, Goldberg is able to capture the essence of the butterflies that settle in our stomachs when we meet someone special, causing our heads to surge beyond cloud nine. The meaning behind 'Gravity' stems from the weightless joy found in another person after emerging from a toxic relationship. It is meant to resonate within those who are not only opening their hearts to new romances but also those who are experiencing the innocence of platonic and familial love. The singer-songwriter describes how, in this ethereal state, she loses her "sense of time" and everything seems to just "fall into place" as the reality around her begins to reflect her strong emotions. Giving us a tiny glimpse of what more is in store for her growing discography, ''Gravity' embodies the cheery, youthful nature of summer with a groovy syncopation that can be attributed to the artist's distinct sound. Diana is known for consistently drawing in audiences with her catchy melodies, remarkable lyricism, and ability to transform alt-pop genre into something that is uniquely her own. When listening to ‘Gravity’, the very first word that comes to mind is “entrancing”. Goldberg launches the listener into a completely different headspace, immersing us in that familiar feeling of fresh, untainted love. The cleverly titled single makes the listener feel like they're floating on air as the song opens with her clean, echoey vocals. Goldberg's tone is rich, yet calming; her mystical delivery of each verse reaffirms her commentary on the transcendental aspects of love. The chorus is funky, it’s upbeat, and most importantly, it’s uplifting. The bass makes you want to move your body, the fast-paced tempo simulates a racing heart, and the retro synthesizer has a reminiscent feel. Altogether, the production works to spark this fiery adrenaline that takes our feet off the ground. ‘Gravity’ is the type of song you find yourself unknowingly humming along to throughout the day, automatically bringing a smile to your face. There's just no doubt that this song has already made its way to replay status on every playlist. Based in the very heart of Germany, Berlin, Diana has established herself as a talented artist that has taken the alt-pop genre by storm! With a background in classical piano and a strong passion for music and songwriting, this well-rounded artist introduces such a wide scope of fresh ideas to the pop and neo-soul scene. Diving into the world of pop back in 2020, the singer-songwriter made a name for herself after releasing her debut single titled ‘Occupy Your Mind’ followed by her breathtaking EP, ‘Blossom In The Dark’. With nearly 20k streams on 'Gravity' alone and over 75k monthly listeners on Spotify total, it's clear that fans around the world have fallen in love with the unique charm that sets Diana apart from other artists! That said, ‘Gravity’ gives us a sweet taste of what’s to come from her two-part EP ‘Tears don’t fall in space’, which is scheduled to come out later this year! Stay tuned and make sure to check out her socials below for more updates and releases! Written By Pejah Carr FOLLOW DIANA: Instagram | Spotify  | Facebook   | YouTube

  • Review: “Bullying Myself” - Boy Jr.

    We can all be hard on ourselves sometimes. We tell ourselves mean things, and why? As Boy Jr. describes it, “...if anyone ever said these things to me or a friend, I'd be pissed!” Today, we’re listening to “Bullying Myself” by Boy Jr., an electric indie hit perfect for anyone who also tends to bully themselves. I really liked this song! I think Boy Jr. is a fantastic artist, so as someone who hasn’t had the pleasure of listening to their music yet, I think this was the best possible introduction. I think they are a great lyricist, and I found myself resonating with nearly every single lyric! One lyric in particular that I liked was “I’ve been paying more attention to the things that I’ve been saying to myself / In my head.” This is me to a tee… fantastic. Aside from the message, this song has a highly energetic and fun production value behind it! As they sing each verse, the instrumentals build and build. Until eventually, they get to the chorus, and the sound explodes into this hyper-pop, electric beat. I don’t listen to music like this often, but I was genuinely obsessed with every second of it. I also loved how there was a moment toward the end of the song where Boy Jr. cries out, and the beat grows one last time. The production effort that Boy Jr. put into this song truly paid off, it was incredible. I will without a doubt be adding this to my dance and party playlists! Boy Jr. is the songwriting and production project of Ariel Allen-Lubman. Through creating a consistent and massive fanbase through social media, Allen-Lubman has been able to grow and grow as an artist. They first started releasing music back in 2018 with the release of their debut song, “It’s Enough”. Since then, they have gone on to release a bunch of other singles and EPs, and even three full-length albums! And on Spotify, their fame only continues to grow, as right now, they get an average 40,500 monthly streams. I loved “Bullying Myself”, and I can’t wait to hear what they release next. Go stream “Bullying Myself” everywhere, now! Written By Isabel Mays FOLLOW BOY JR.: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube

  • Album Review: "LOOM" - Imagine Dragons

    In high school, I was what you could consider an Imagine Dragons mega-fan. I binged all of their music, and I loved it because it was a completely different style from anything I normally listened to. So when I found out they had released a new album, I was super excited. LOOM is the latest studio album from the band, and their first album release since 2022. It includes 10 incredible and energetic songs, and I felt like I was in high school again listening to each song. I was obsessed, so I think it's time we go over each song on this incredible album. TRACKLIST Wake Up Nice to Meet You Eyes Closed Take Me to the Beach In Your Corner Gods Don't Pray Don't Forget Me Kid Fire in These Hills Eyes Closed (feat. J Balvin) Imagine Dragons is a band that started releasing music in 2009 with their debut EP. So far, they have released seven studio albums, nearly 400 songs, and have had a decent handful of number-one hits. And on Spotify, they get an impressive 63 million streams every month. You may recognize the band from some of their most popular songs, "Believer", "Demons", and "Thunder". But now, they have a whole slew of new songs, so let's get right into each one! Wake Up The first song on this album is "Wake Up", which gave me a strong feeling of urgency and warning. From what I interpret, this song is meant to warn the listener of impending danger, and that assumption is only solidified by the repeated phrase, "wake up". I think as far as the first song on the album, this was a great pick. It's energetic, had me pumping my fist in excitement, and had me feeling nostalgic. I really loved this song, truly. Nice to Meet You Next up, we have "Nice to Meet You", a song about the desires of wanting to connect more with someone you're interested in, but that want being halted by that person's significant other. It's a feeling I know all too well. I once was interested in a girl who had a girlfriend, and that made connecting with her, even as just a friend, very difficult. So I would say I resonated with this song a lot, and it is another favorite on this list! Eyes Closed This next song is so incredible, energetic, and powerful. "Eyes Closed" is a song about showing resilience in the face of challenges, and having a want to face challenges head-on. That feeling is only solidified with the lyric "lock me up in a maze, turn out the light." I felt extremely empowered listening to this song, and felt like I could tackle any obstacle thrown my way. In my career field, I'm constantly facing changes and challenges that make me nervous, stressed, and have me second-guessing every decision I make. But I persevere, because it's my job. This song gave me that same feeling. Take Me to the Beach Personally, I don't find the beach a very relaxing place. However, to everyone else, the beach is considered a sanctuary where one can escape the problems in their life, even if only for a day. That's precisely what "Take Me to the Beach" is about! I could sense a feeling of frustration and stress in the lyrics, and a desperate longing to want to escape to the beach. I also noticed that there is a comparison between the beach and mountains that I feel was very interesting, but also very smart. They compared the beach to being this tranquil and carefree environment. Meanwhile, they compared mountains to the challenges and stressors one may face. In Your Corner I know Imagine Dragons doesn't usually make slow, emotional hits. However, I think this one could be a good contender. "In Your Corner" explores the feelings of longing and regret, particularly in a relationship. The lyrics demonstrate this sense of determination, almost like the singer is pleading for their loved one to notice that they are always on their side, through thick and thin. I think, even despite the energetic feeling this song gives off, it's still emotional and extremely impactful. Gods Don't Pray We're now at the halfway point in this album, and we have come to one of my top three songs. "Gods Don't Pray" is a song that projects this feeling of urgency to reject the traditional hierarchies and societal norms that we were raised to follow. It gives off a feeling of self-empowerment and defiance that I can confidently day I have not yet heard before in a song. As someone who is personally non-religious, I spent many years of my life coming to terms with what I now believe, especially since I grew up in an extremely religious family. So I truly connected with this song, and it very quickly made its way to my 'favorites' playlist. Don't Forget Me "Don't Forget Me" is another slower song that made me emotional, because I connected with it so much. This song is about the worry of being forgotten following a breakup or separation. I grew up in a military household, and so while I maybe can't relate to this on a romantic level, I can relate on a platonic one. I was always moving, always leaving my friends after only knowing them for two or three years. This song had the same kind of pace and feeling as one of their biggest hits "Demons", and I loved every second of it. Kid Similar to "Eyes Closed", "Kid" is a song about facing challenges head-on, and pulling yourself together when everything around you is crumbling apart. It was an empowering and motivational song that made me feel like I could also do anything so long as I pulled myself together and set my focus on the task ahead. The song emphasizes taking losses as wins, and using those losses to push you further and further. Focus on turning those losses into gains, that is what I took from this. Fire in These Hills This is another slower, sadder song that left me reflecting on my own life experiences. "Fire in These Hills" expresses a feeling of self-doubt and the longing for someone to comfort you and remind you that you are enough. I think the repeated shouted phrase "I don't think I'm strong enough" was immensely impactful to me. The lyrics push forward this feeling of extreme exhaustion, and the need for a change of pace, for a new sense of familiarity. I loved this song, and I was easily put in my top three. Eyes Closed (feat. J Balvin) Yes, this is technically the same song as before. However, this version features Columbian musical artist, J Balvin. You may recognize him from his popular hits, "Mi Gente" and "LA CANCIÓN". Honestly, I don't have a preference on which version I liked more. Both were incredible and each had their own unique moments. I will say, I loved the mix of languages in this song, it gave it an added depth, and I think it was the perfect way to finish off this album. Overall, I think I can now confidently say this is my favorite Imagine Dragons album. LOOM is a masterpiece that I, personally, can't wait for everyone else to dive into. I loved the mix of energetic and emotional songs, and I felt like I could connect with each one in my own way, which I feel is a hard feat to accomplish. I can't wait for Imagine Dragons to release their next album, but for now, I'm going to savor every minute of LOOM . Go stream it everywhere, today! Written By Isabel Mays Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | TikTok | YouTube *copyright not intended. Fair use act, section 107.

  • Review: "Hearts Get Broken" - Thomas Day

    Thomas Day once again proves his ability to relate to an audience through his newest song, “Hearts Get Broken”. Led by his powerful vocals, Day analyzes the complication of young love and pain is inflicted in those situations. The important question asked in the phrase of, “Why’s it gotta mean that our hearts get broken?” simply, but collectively, details that although love can be heavy & complicated, it doesn’t mean that people don’t always have to walk away from difficult situations. Not only is the universal experience of aging and figuring yourself out over time discussed by Day in “Hearts Get Broken”, but he additionally shares insight into being in love and wanting to communicate to save a connection. These are human situations and responses that require delicacy and attention – qualities that Day has embedded into this track and his music overall. Day has a way of hooking you from the beginning with his light but powerful voice, flowing seemingly naturally from him. Just when you believe that the song could be a cute-like, typical pop scenario, the insightful nature of his lyrics and well-composed instruments flow along with his voice. Not only is Day’s music a treat to listen to, but it showcases many branches of music and the growing & evolving pop industry today. While Day’s music continues to explore new areas of music and introduce new sound, his continuation of similar but not repeating themes is refreshing. Love is a subject easily and widely used throughout any genre, as it is a large concept and cannot be contained and/or defined, but the way that Day writes about it adds tenderness and care to the subject that deserves recognition. In “Hearts Get Broken”, Day speaks from the perspective of a person fighting for a relationship while understanding how difficult it is to navigate the complexities of growing up and figuring out what you want. “I know that we’re young and chasin’ moments,” is a line that is simple, yet demonstrates true resonation and understanding, which I find rare in love songs that involve a struggle. In the bridge following this line, there is a line where Day cries out, “Why does “I love you” feel like you’re lyin?” that spoke to me. This line shows detail and specificity, letting listeners in more on intricate aspects to this relationship, not only showing talented songwriting but more from the other end of fighting for a relationship. While Day clearly cares for this person and doesn’t want to give up hope for this connection, he is confused and isn’t afraid to express his emotions or point out what’s happening right in front of him. It shows the little details that people can resonate with when they’ve experienced a bond slowly being let go from one side – or both. “Hearts Get Broken” serves a multitude of purposes – one being a testament to love and the struggles of being young, and another being a well-crafted example of how to reach people through talent and knowledge of pop music. Thomas Day is a fresh, invigorating pop artist who has been chasing his dreams since childhood. Day began to write songs in the fifth grade, which has propelled him forward to his current status in the music industry. His level of experience has translated into his songwriting abilities, showing mature and multi-layered perspectives. Since performing on America’s Got Talent in 2020, Day has amassed an impressive TikTok following of close to 7 million. By 2021, he decided to turn down major offers to play football and instead fully pursue music. In July, Day, a Nashville resident, became Sony Music Nashville’s first pop artist signed to the label. Since then, he has been the opening act on musician Joshua Bassett’s 2024 tour “The Golden Years”, as well as performed at the Love Letters festival in Salt Lake City, Utah alongside artists like Joji, Lauv, Suki Waterhouse, etc. Written By Madison Spies FOLLOW THOMAS DAY: Instagram | Spotify | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube

  • Review: "In My Head" - Tom Tippin

    Tom Tippin's latest single, In My Head , is a musical masterclass centered around overthinking life's choices and the anxiety that, subsequently, accompanies it. Tippin wears his heart on his sleeve as he belts out "Sick of wishing I was someone else, Thinking everybody's out to get me" – demonstrating an artist uncomfortable in his own skin, as he battles internal inadequacies dragging him to a place where he feels undeserving of happiness. This is a highly relatable track for anyone out there personally struggling with self-confidence issues and the crippling anxiety that comes attached. Tom is sure to remind his audience, though, that these personal foibles are entirely "all in [his] head" and that he is assuredly "more than this" – a healthy reminder that any self-doubt felt is simply self-induced fiction that can be overcome in due time. In My Head is a retro throwback to the 80's, in the best way imaginable, with its guitar-laden production and alt-pop aesthetic. Vintage synth riffs and ultra-vivid drum kicks course through this track, providing a fitting parallel for Tom's stunning lyricism and further serving to draw listeners into its illuminating draw – much akin to moths to a flame. The track's instrumentation is clean and smooth, a sign that Tippin has an affinity for high level production within his own music. In My Head stands out amongst the sea of bubblegum indie music found within today's modern pop scene and certainly deserves a listen from all fans of high quality, infectious new releases. Nashville, Tennessee native, Tom Tippin, is no stranger to the music industry – his father, Aaron Tippin, is a platinum-selling artist with nine studio albums and over thirty singles placed on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. Tom is no nepo baby, though, having already seamlessly ingratiated himself into Nashville's Music Row from a young age and earning the respect of a bevy of writing collaborators within the industry. In 2019, Tom dropped his debut album, Teenage Heart , which was met with critical acclaim and spurred the young songsmith to release his follow-up EP, Wasted Melodies . Tippin has shown no signs of slowing down over the years, showcasing a litany of electric singles that lend credence to this rising star's talents as a solo artist. Hopefully this latest release is a precursor of further heat to come from Tom, who has now rightfully entrenched himself as a staple within America's musical hotbed. Written By Dan Caddigan FOLLOW TOM TIPPIN: Instagram   | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube   *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Review: "Low Low" - Astian

    Astian's latest single, "Low Low" is a vibrant pop tune about finding confidence and independence despite living with heartbreak and mistreatment. Astian writes about overthinking and wasting time on compromises with someone who seems to be only causing him more stress. "Low Low" tells the story of his freedom as he lets this person go, moving on with the things that make him happy. It's a saga I think many of us have experienced as we hang onto toxic relationships for one reason or another. It's hard to leave and let the anxiety go, but once we do, we're always better off in the long run. The song not only has a great message, but it's also infectiously catchy. The bright pop beat and melody hit me right in my 90s kid heart, reminiscent of artists like the Backstreet Boys. The track feels nostalgic, like something you would've played at a sleepover with your friends. I'm absolutely loving the way "Low Low" could be played at any party in 2002 and fit right in alongside Justin Timberlake in the line-up. But that doesn't take away from what it is today. We're seeing a resurgence of Y2K culture in media, and this track is a perfect example of that. With elements from past and present eras, "Low Low" can be appreciated by any generation. Swedish artist Astian was first discovered by winning a competition for Swedish radio station, P3. He won a record deal but declined it in favor of releasing his music independently. Since his debut, he has amassed nearly three million streams. Most of Astian's work is in his native language, with "Low Low" being his first English track in two years since the release of his single, "2slow". Through his art, Astian aims to show others that their vulnerabilities can be their strengths. With honest and emotional messages, this is an artist who stands out in a sea fake of fake influencers and clickbait and I can't wait to see what he does next. If you haven't heard it yet, give "Low Low" a listen! It's out on all streaming services now. Written By Shelbi Baker FOLLOW ASTIAN: Instagram   | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube   *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Review: "Life at First Sight" - Alexander Stewart

    Alexander Stewart is here with his brand new single, “Life at First Sight”! The song, written as a surprise for his sister’s wedding, is a heartfelt love song about an enlightening, fulfilling relationship. He sets the stage for the song in the first verse, explaining that he “never thought [he’d] have a reason to put somebody else first.” He was lost in the world until he found his love, and soon enough, he had found his missing piece. In the chorus, he is embracing his lover to bring his life to life. Alexander is grateful to be by his lover’s side everyday, and he looks forward to growing old together. Now, they’re dancing in the kitchen, leaving the dirty dishes for later, and living their life in the moment. He knows they’ll reminisce on this time “when there’s lines on [their] skin”, but will always have that spark between them.  “Life at First Sight” is a beautifully emotional and vulnerable love song that deviates from Alexander’s normal sound. Much of his previous are devastating recounts of the heartbreak and difficult times he’s experienced in his life, while this song is an sentimental and heartfelt take on love. The instrumentation is raw and organic, just featuring his vocals and an acoustic guitar for a good portion of the song. In the second verse, a delicate drum beat is added to reinforce that slow dance feeling. His vocals are smooth and emotional-filled, and they effortlessly highlight the high points of the song. This song doesn’t have a complex production, but it doesn’t need to - the lyrics speak for themselves.  Alexander Stewart is a singer-songwriter taking the LA music scene by storm. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Alexander has over 300 million streams under his belt. He first went viral posting covers on YouTube, most notably “Havana” by Camilla Cabello , and his first single “ Enamorado ” was released soon after in 2018. Although many of his songs have gone viral on the internet, his song “i wish you cheated” is by far his most popular song. With over 25 million streams on Spotify alone, this track landed him his debut late night show performance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon . Following that, the track became a Top 20 radio hit and broke through Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in Canada. He released his second album, “ bleeding heart ”, in May 2024, which already has multiple songs with millions of streams on Spotify. Even more impressively, Alexander was just named by Spotify as one of the top rising pop artists you need to look out for in 2024. He also just wrapped up The Bleeding Hearts Tour, which had 31 shows across the US, Canada, and Europe. It’s clear from his impressive track record that Alexander will continue to reach new heights in his music career. Written By Lauren DiGiovanni FOLLOW ALEXANDER: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube

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