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  • Review: "Hopeless Romantic" - ALEJ

    ALEJ is letting everyone know he's a hopeless romantic in his recently released single. The young Miami-based artist has just released a powerful pop anthem to leave his listeners coming back for more. "Hopeless Romantic" is a song that describes the feelings of wanting to be in a relationship with someone but at the same time knowing it will never happen. This track comes from the artist's upcoming album named “Luxe” set to release on November 18th. In his newest single, ALEJ repeatedly sings, “I know exactly what you are, and exactly what I am”, and for him, that's hopelessly romantic. What makes ALEJ stand out as an artist is his talented ability to create catchy melodies. The track “Hopeless Romantic” is upbeat and uses captivating lyrics to help him get his message across. You can’t help but sing alongside the artist and belt out the chorus with him. In his new song, ALEJ captures the feelings of wanting to be with someone so bad. He sings of losing touch with reality and with the hopes that "You'll remember me once I wake up from this dream". Many other people may have found themselves in similar situations, which is exactly why he dedicates his music to them. The artist understands that sometimes it doesn’t always work out the way you want it to and he acknowledges that in his new single, “Hopeless Romantic”. ALEJ is a 20-year-old singer and songwriter based in Miami Florida. ALEJ knew he wanted to be involved with music from a young age. His music is influenced by artists like Taylor Swift and Troy Sivan. The artist first saw success from his 2020 single “Too Famous For Me”, now he is currently working on new music and can't wait to share it with his listeners. “Hopeless Romantic” is his newest release from September 30th, 2022, and is the second single from his new upcoming album. Written By Jenna Barton FOLLOW ALEJ:

  • Review: "Supervillain" - Holly Hebe x Ivoris x Zhuli

    This bedroom pop immediately has the listener bopping their head along to it. Not only is this song incredibly catchy, but it is also incredibly good on the ears. This song has been on repeat for about twenty minutes, and I have not gotten tired of it. The three voices of Holly, Ivoris, and Zhuli make this song addicting; they complement each other so well and their tones blend so nicely. Not only is this song relatable to many listeners, but it is also a new and unique way to look at a breakup. The unmatched talent of these three young artists shines through in this creation they made together. and I hope to hear more songs from each of them in the near future! My first thoughts while listening to this phenomenal track were that it reminded me of "Smile" by Lily Allen and the artist Mxmtoon. This piece is about an ex with a chronic victim and savior complex. horrible, right? But instead of letting them continue to wallow in their self-pity, you instead call out their behavior. Instead of getting annoyed, you instead embrace their label of "Supervillain" and poke fun at them while you do it. This song does this in a playful and not-too-serious way. I love it! The dreamy production and harmonization might be my favorite parts of this song. "Supervillain" By up-and-coming artists Holly Hebe, Ivoris, and Zhuli was released on September 29th and already has a remarkable 5,000+ streams. Singer-songwriter Ivoris released her EP "My Messy Mind" on August 11th, 2022. Holly and Ivoris are both Australian-based artists, and the three have become close friends ever since making this song together. Holly Hebe has been releasing music on Spotify since 2020 and has her debut EP set for release on November 24th! Zhuli has claimed some of her muses to be Charli XCX, Tinashe, and Ariana Grande. Written By Emma Kimberli FOLLOW HOLLY HEBE: FOLLOW IVORIS: FOLLOW ZHULI

  • Interview: "Catch My Breath" - LIYAH

    Q: ‘Catch My Breath’ is so catchy! What is the meaning behind the song? LIYAH: Catch My Breath represents that feeling you get when you fall for someone hard. When you can't stop thinking about them and you can hardly imagine life without them. The love you have for them is so intense, and when you're with them your heart is beating so fast, that you can't catch your breath. Q: What does your songwriting process typically look like? LIYAH: All of my songs are written with my producer Jason Afable (@jasonafablemusic). When we're writing a song, we usually start with basic chords over a beat and decide what kind of story the song sounds like it would tell. From there it's just a lot of mumbling until sounds turn in words which turn into sentences which turn into a story. Q: If you could collaborate with one artist, who would it be? LIYAH: Recently I've been super obsessed with Jenevieve! I love that she's bringing back that old R&B sound and I think our musical styles would come together really nicely! Q: What are some of your hobbies outside of music? LIYAH: I love playing video games (Animal Crossing is my favorite) and I love to read (currently reading IT)! I'm also a huge foodie and love going out and trying different restaurants in the DMV. Q: How does music make you feel? LIYAH: Music feels like a warm hug from your favorite person. Even if the song is angry or sad, it feels like there's someone else who understands you and feels the same way. It's an untouchable feeling! Q: What are you most looking forward to in terms of your music career? LIYAH: The thing I look forward to the most is the growth. I can't wait to look back on myself years from now and see how my vocal skills have progressed, how far across the world my music has traveled, and simply admiring all of the projects I've put out there. Interviewed By Kendall Koval FOLLOW LIYAH:

  • Interview: "Broken Pieces" - Leyla Diamondi

    Your vocals in “Broken Pieces” are absolutely phenomenal, I got chills listening to it for the first time. Thank you for a beautiful song that helps to reduce some of the societal stigma surrounding issues of mental health. Could you share how important this song is to you, and what you hope your listeners take away from it? Leyla: When I was writing Broken Pieces I was in a very dark place. The process of writing this song allowed me to find a lot of freedom. I never intended on releasing the single however my loved ones persuaded me to do so. I hope people use the song in any way that benefits them. Your YouTube ‘About’ section indicates that your heritage is half-Greek and half-Turkish and that you were named after your grandmother. What other ways has your cultural background and/or family influenced your art and worldviews? Leyla: For those who don’t know, Turkey and Greece have a long-standing cultural and racial clash. When I was growing up I saw some people in my close circle that weren't too happy about my parents being together; however, I also saw how through awareness, exposure, and education their minds began to open and their views changed. This was a very important lesson for me growing up. I saw that the mind is flexible. We can unlearn life experiences and propaganda that we are taught. Most of us are just all trying to be safe and live a happy life. Most of us aren’t evil. I love that you write your own songs, and your commentary indicates that real life is raw, messy, and unfiltered. What is your songwriting process like, and how do you ensure that you remain unfiltered and true to yourself when creating? Leyla: A lot of women grow up learning to compromise their own needs in order to help others. I found that lesson translated into my work too. Compromising the depth of emotion in my artwork, compromising my live performance, compromising how authentically I communicate who I am. I’ve learnt not to compromise. Being completely honest is a superpower and if someone doesn’t like that, then my music and my art is not for them. You’ve some rather prestigious career accomplishments thus far, including selling out your 2019 headliner act, being featured in Festival Fringe in 2020, and being interviewed/broadcasted on networks such as BBC Radio London. Most recently, you participated in the WARchild Charity virtual concert. Which of these experiences was the most memorable for you, and why? Leyla: So far my most memorable experience was actually at the beginning. Still at university, I was terrified of performing, so my partner decided to help me book a tour. Every night he pushed me onto a stage to perform so I would lose my fear. There were a lot of tears, there was a lot of anxiety, but it worked and now I’m able to do the thing I love the most and share it with others. Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations and influences? Leyla: I would say I am massively influenced by artists like Aretha Franklin, Etta James, and Michael Jackson. Their ability to be so raw and authentic is something I massively crave. What’s coming next for you, what can listeners look forward to experiencing on your musical journey? Leyla: I am trying to share my story on Instagram and TikTok through music. There is some very cool content coming out that I think the listeners may be excited to watch and listen to. I will also be releasing some music on Spotify, I’m currently in the creative process of that Interviewed By Vanessa Siebrass FOLLOW LEYLA:

  • Review: "From A Distance" - Tilsen

    Tilsen’s latest single is a whimsical track full of uplifting optimism and wholesome sweetness. “From A Distance” was created from the heartbreaking moment that Tilsen realized that she had met the right person, but at the wrong time. She loved this person wholeheartedly, but they did not reciprocate those feelings. Rather than dwelling in the sadness, Tilsen flipped the script on the regular approach to this unrequited love by looking forward to a future where they will one day be ready for her love. In the chorus, she sings, “Tell me when you’re ready// Darling I’ll be waiting// This is something you must do on your own.” Tilsen is willing to wait for this person to figure out that their heart truly desires her, so for now she is going to love them “from a distance.” When listening to this song, the audience cannot help but feel overjoyed by the positive energy that Tilsen put into the song. Tilsen’s ambition for “From A Distance” was to put a smile on the listener’s face and make them hopeful for the future. Naturally, that means the song needs to be filled with upbeat melodies and catchy lyrics. The light and breezy guitar at the beginning sets up the gleeful tone of the track. As the song goes on, the pre-chorus adds the light-handed drums that continue with this atmosphere. By the chorus, the listener finds them swaying along to the rhythm with a smile on their face. Tilsen’s elated energy shines through in her gorgeous vocals throughout the track, and takes the listener by surprise when she starts humming along to the melody at the end of the chorus. This compliments the breezy, happy energy of the song and makes the listener feel these emotions along with Tilsen. “From A Distance” is a joyful track that is a surefire way to lift the spirits of listeners. Tilsen is a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Since a young age, music has held a strong place in her heart. Being the daughter of an opera singer, she was destined from birth to perform. She made her debut in 2019 with her single, “Hurts”. Since then, she has released several singles and two EPs. Her most recent EP, Little Worse, was released in June 2022. Tilsen’s music is about raw emotion, covering every aspect of life from the good times to the bad ones. Her music is an expression of her feelings, resulting in powerful and honest lyrics. She continues to create music that tugs on the heart strings of listeners and resonates with fans. Written By Karlee Smith FOLLOW TILSEN:

  • Review: "Diamonds" - Candace Sosa

    It’s hard to break out of the precedents you’ve set—especially when you’re great at it. But that’s precisely what Candace Sosa aspires to do. While her current reputation mainly surrounds her writings and the works she’s created for others, she’s turning it on its head to bring out the part of her that was a little overlooked. “Diamonds” is her newest single, a song to tell us that she’s determined to chase her dream of being recognized as an artist, not just a songwriter. Staying within her current path will only make her feel like she's missing something, and she doesn't want to feel like that. So instead, Sosa intends to tell the story of her going for her passions, and with this track, it’s clear that she will do it stunningly. Sosa starts by stating, “It’s time I make a move/And do what I came here to do”. While she’s proud of what she’s accomplished, she wants more—she wants to set out to do why she pursued this path in the first place. She’s “a diamond going through the rough” and is only getting better. This track holds a classic pop feeling, hope imbuing itself within the lyrics and melody. The Michigan-born artist is stating that she will not stay within her current boundaries, growing under the pressure of expectations to show exactly what she can do. It’s inspiring how she chooses to pursue her passions, especially as she’s already been successful in other means. She might be scared, but she motivates herself with the idea that she can no longer handle being stuck in this songwriter box. Candace Sosa is going to carve her way to her desired path no matter what obstacles she faces. Candace Sosa is a phenomenal singer, songwriter, producer, and artist in Los Angeles. She’s worked on many projects for multiple people, co-writing eight songs for the global superstars BTS. However, this isn’t all she’s good at—she excels at singing, bringing attention to the meanings behind her writings with her dynamic vocals. "Diamonds" is the first track she's put out in a while; with it, she's only continuing to gain a captivated audience. She is an artist and wants to focus on that over the reputation of a songwriter she’s created for herself. Sosa, with “Diamonds” is breaking out of her mold and showing people that she’s more than just a writer. Written by Jane Katryn FOLLOW CANDACE SOSA:

  • Review: "Final Girl" - Eva Rose

    Eva Rose latest release is a grunge-style, horror themed track released right in time for Halloween. “Final Girl” takes the story of a previous relationship and twists it into the dark, horror movie trope of the same name. Being a final girl in a horror movie means the character is the only one that survived the killer’s terror and lived to tell the story. Rose comparing this trope to a former partner reveals the relationship as the nightmare it truly was, and the dark place she was in while with them. The second verse contains a string of lyrics that paints the toxic relationship in a very morbid, yet clear image. Rose sings, “And I swore I would mean more than the trophies you hide in your floorboard// I always believed I would make it to the summer// I guess there’s a reason the rest of them were runners.” She references the previous girls that her former partner used and disposed of, like a serial killer in a slasher film. When Rose got into this relationship, she was unaware of these “trophies” from past relationships, but now that she knows their true character, she understands why all the other girls ran. “Final Girl” instantaneously catches the attention of listeners and leaves them astonished by the absolute masterpiece Rose created. “Final Girl” mixes alternative-rock and ethereal-pop sounds to create an infectious track. Filled with dark and mysterious imagery, the song is expected to have a grunge atmosphere to it. The track begins with a single electric guitar that is soon paired with the smooth drums. As the chorus begins, Rose adds a distorted electric guitar, creating the unique multi-layered guitar effect. Rose’s heavenly vocals guide the listener through the story of a twisted romance. The end of the chorus is topped off with the soothing bass guitar that compliments the grunge style. Consisting of an upbeat melody, the production remains steady throughout the majority of the song. Then at the bridge, the song explodes with a vocal effect that highlights the climax. The entire track is full of life and imagery that fans cannot help but to fall in love with Rose all over again. Eva Rose is an independent singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, now based in New York City. As an Alt-Pop artist, her music is a blend of whimsical indie pop and melancholy lyrics. Rose made her debut in 2021 with the lead single from her EP of the same name, “Out of Lives”. “Final Girl” is the third release of 2022, marking a new era of music for her. With her immense talent, Rose not only writes for herself, but has lent her songwriting skills to other artists in both Los Angeles and New York. Her music has been featured on Spotify’s “text me back” playlist and Fresh Finds series. Despite a recent debut, Rose has already proven her rightful place in the Alt-Pop world. Written By Karlee Smith FOLLOW EVA:

  • Review: "heard it on the internet" - ÊMIA

    There are good and bad sides to social media. The good being the idea of sharing the best parts of our lives, pretending that we’re living a life only filled with happy and accomplished moments to share with our friends. However, there’s also the inverse. As you look through your and other people’s profiles, you’re blatantly aware that it’s all fake, that it’s not all real, and you’re only getting a carefully curated version of events to make people feel like everything is going well for them. It’s one of our main sources of envy and a way to pretend we’re okay. ÊMIA brings us “heard it on the internet”, a track to describe how we cover up our heartbrokenness with pretty pictures to make people think our lives are more ideal than they genuinely are. It’s a weird way of looking at our own life through rose-colored glasses, watching our life happen from our phone screens, and ignoring everything else that’s going on. “heard it on the internet” is a bubbly pop song, a little electro, a little classic, and all-around satisfying. ÊMIA’s vocals ride a gentle wave of upbeat melodies to bring us a track to tell us about how we live vicariously through our social media personalities—surprisingly being a little motivating in its message of trying to live our best lives. She brings us this track to dictate that our lives can be a reflection of our internet personas, but only if we try hard enough, a fake it till you make it type of energy. ÊMIA sings, “They could put all the pieces together/That I’m happy and doing better” and shows that we’re slowly piecing the parts of our ideal life with each post, hitting it with the underlying hope of the usually sarcastic line, “If you heard it on the internet/Then it must be true”. ÊMIA is a Vietnamese-American, Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and producer with an impressive music lineup to showcase her talents. With “heard it on the internet” we are hearing the fifth single to her two-part EP titled “Video Call: AM”. ÊMIA is the stage name of Anh Le’s indie-pop project, one that captures a refreshing and classic music style. “Video Call: AM” is a collaborative project with producer Charlie Kurata— “heard it on the internet” not originally supposed to be featured on the EP. However, as the song grew, it became too close to her heart and cemented its place there. She’s influenced by electronic music, R&B, film scores, and music theatre—creating sparkling magic with her music. Written by Jane Katryn FOLLOW ÊMIA:

  • Interview: "I'm Alive 4 U" - Cody J. Louis

    “I’m Alive 4 U” feels like an anthem of living in service of others, of always being able to lend a helping hand or a kind ear whenever needed. There is enough ugliness in this world, we don’t need to add to it – this tune reminds the listener of the purity that still exists within it. What is the story behind this song, and what inspired you to write it? Cody: Thanks for describing the song so beautifully! It makes me happy to hear that this is the feeling you get while listening to the song. I wrote this in 2020 when the pandemic started and it was the first time I experienced calmness in my mind. When I was 14 I was having suicidal thoughts because of my life at that moment. High school was not very kind to me. I knew I wanted to become an artist my whole life, and that was the only thing that kept me going besides my family. I kind of made this pact with myself one night that even if I don’t want to live for myself, I can live for my family, my future self, and all the people that I haven’t met yet. This is why some of the lyrics say “I’m not living for myself, gave my whole life to someone else, all the people in the world. I’m alive for you”. Now that I’m not living like that anymore I can see that it’s a pretty unhealthy way of living, but it helped me get through high school. I see that you’re very involved in outreach through UNICEF and causes such as World Children’s Day. How have these pursuits changed your worldview and influenced your approach to your music? Cody: Working with UNICEF was amazing. I got to work on causes that involved the rights of the child and this helped me with a lot of self-reflection. I always assumed that the real big problems were happening in countries 7000 miles from here. But even in your own country a lot of injustice is happening. Not to invalidate any of my own problems, but it helped me see them lighter and be extremely thankful for the life that I have. I’m not sure if my approach to music changed because of this. Since I was little I always wrote songs about the world (thanks to Michael Jackson). But it did make me more confident to use my voice. As an artist, do you find it ‘risky’ to incorporate deeper meanings into your music? “I’m Alive 4 U” doesn’t carry the stereotypical, ‘lighter’ messages that are often attributed to the pop genre. Cody: Not at all, no. But I do know that blatantly writing about heavy subjects can be disturbing so I always try to find a way to write a song in a way that the casual listener thinks it’s a ‘light’ pop song. Take this song as an example! It’s about suicide and living in service of others, but it could also just be a lovely song about, like you said, a helping hand or a kind ear. I know I did my job right when people say they can resonate with the lyrics while being sad, but also when they’re happy. What was it like at Eurovision?? I imagine that it had to be surreal, particularly as it was your first-time onstage performance! Cody: Yes it was surreal, terrifying and the most fun weeks of last year. Eurovision is such a production… everything needs to be on point. And that terrified me in the beginning. But the show really must go on, and there is not a lot of time, so you kind of don’t have the time to process what you’re feeling. Which in this case, was a good thing. It really set the tone for me though...hopefully, I get to perform my own songs in arenas as soon as possible. I liked it a lot. Congratulations on joining The Orchard/Sony Music Entertainment! That’s quite an accomplishment! How has your experience been thus far? Cody: Thank you so much! It’s a lot! Suddenly you are part of the ‘business’ side of things. I have my own label under them, so I’m still doing pretty much everything on my own and I didn’t know anything about releasing music, so I’m learning a lot at the moment which is kind of fun! What are your future plans for your musical journey, what’s coming next for you? Cody: I’m ambitious, so in my mind, I’m already busy with booking the Superbowl halftime show haha. But for now, I’m working on finishing my debut album. I’m thinking of releasing 2-3 more singles, introducing them to radio, and then releasing an EP somewhere next year. 2023 will be my year! Interviewed By Vanessa Siebrass FOLLOW CODY:

  • Review: "Happy Without Me" - Grace Grundy

    “Happy Without Me” perfectly grasps the feelings of letting a person move on. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “if you love someone, you’ll let them go,” this is the very sentiment Grace gets across throughout her song. She cares so deeply for this person, that she doesn’t want to waste their time. Each word within this song perfectly conveys that. She doesn’t want to hide behind the history they had, instead, she wants to focus on what’s best for them now, putting herself aside so that this person can be happy without her. With intentional and intimate lyricism, Grace gives her listeners who are going through something similar, a familiar feeling to find comfort in. The track starts by painting a picture of what once was. Reminiscing on their plans of what they once wanted. Slowly she starts to realize that things change. Grace asks the question, “if you’re not happy with me, can we make a pact?” She makes them promise to be happy without her. This is a love song different from most, making it uniquely set apart from what we often hear nowadays. Grace Grundy is a singer/songwriter from the UK. She’s performed multiple covers of hit songs during the beginning of her career allowing her to gain popularity throughout multiple platforms. “Happy Without Me” is featured in her debut EP. She previously studied illustration at college, now she records original music hoping to release more in the future. Written By Brielle Pattillo FOLLOW GRACE GRUNDY:

  • Review “Black Flame Candle” - Mallory Wynne

    “Black Flame Candle” is the perfect Halloween bop. This single has the same vibe as Billie Eilish’s “When we all fall asleep, where do we go”. In the track, the artist describes the fear and how it can be enticing. She writes about how love is the reason for the fear this person is feeling. Throughout the song, she uses clever lyricism to express fear of love but also uses terms like “spooky”, “hocus pocus” and “mystic charm” to solidify this as a Halloween banger. Mallory Wynne describes the fear of being attached to another person beautifully. The song begins with almost a ghost story. Then the bass drops for an intense and eerily beat. The singer has a smooth voice and a flawless falsetto that is highlighted in the chorus. During the final chorus, the musician harmonizes layered vocals which with the snake rattling and heavy bass all find a way to enhance and complement each other. Overall, this single has a spooky vibe that will become a stable Halloween jam for listeners. Mallory Wynne is a singer, songwriter, and producer from New Jersey, but is now Los Angeles based. The singer specializes in pop but has a diverse knowledge of multiple musical genres. She graduated with a master’s degree from Berklee College of Music. The producer hopes that she can promote more women in music and be a representation to help make a change. Wynne released her debut single in January of 2022, titled, “Fluttering”. She later released two more songs following her debut, making “Black Flame Candle” her latest single. Written By Stephanie Berning FOLLOW MALLORY WYNNE:

  • Review: "It Was All A Lie" - Leanna Oki

    Beyond heartbreak, "It Was All A Lie," the latest single from Leanna Oki, charts the disorienting lack of direction in its aftermath. Opening to a folk-tinged intrumental incorporating synth and acoustic guitar, Oki sets the stage in the direct wake of a breakup. Interestingly, the song breaks into something more stylistically similar to R&B in the chorus. It's a testament to her skill as a songwriter that the two styles are married seamlessly without losing any of the emotional impact. She able to capture complex and nuanced emotion without overcomplicating or muddling the songwriting. The constricting nature of grief in heartbreak locks horns with the paralyzing freedom Oki's left with. "I don't know which way to go," captures the directness of Oki's lyricism, which is elevated by her emotive and impressive vocals and production. Beyond the sadness of being left behind ("It was all a lie, / 'Cause you said goodbye), she flounders in the loss of direction. Like many, Oki's built herself around this relationship and the trajectory it's built into her life. Left shaken by it's unforeseen end, she expresses her disorientation more than simply grief. "I let myself fall / So where do I go from here? / I'm drowning dear." She's winding herself into knots only to unravel again and again. Asian-Canadian singer-songwriter, Leanna Oki, has been writing and recording her own hand-written tracks for over seven years. Her style blends elements from pop, R&B, and electronic music alongside her emotive lyrics and vocals. As a multi-instrumentalist, Oki retains creative control over her music's creation. The artist began releasing her music in 2020. "It Was All A Lie" arrives as her second single of the year. Written By Andy Mockbee FOLLOW Leanna:

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