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  • Review: "Nothing Without You" - Joe & The Anchor

    Joe & The Anchor's latest release, Nothing Without You , is an ultra-catchy and relatable tune about unrequited love and the pain that comes with it. There is an inspiring level of depth and poeticism felt within the track's lyrics, embodied by the line "Your heart is gone but I'm still here, Swaying in your atmosphere". You can feel the romantic strife coming through your speakers as Joe & The Anchor melodically paint the picture of a heartbroken lover. By repeating the line "Sweet to love but hard to be without", the band artfully conveys the double-edged sword of falling in love – it can be the greatest feeling in the world when you're together, but when apart it can feel as if [you're] Nothing Without You . Nothing Without You is the group's first single produced by the newest member of Joe & The Anchor, Sam Petter Claeson, and tastefully blends together a litany of different genres to create an enigmatically iconic sound. Foundationally, Nothing Without You is an amalgam of indie rock, pop, and EDM interconnected through its vintage 80s aesthetic. The track has a melancholic vibe that pairs nicely with its up-tempo instrumentation, providing listeners with a highly addictive song that's nearly impossible to skip when it comes on shuffle. Claeson knocked it out of the park with the impressive level of production he brought to this track, Joe & The Anchor surely has a hit on its hands with Nothing Without You . Native sons of Malmo, Sweden – Joe & The Anchor is a quintet of childhood friends who joined powers to craft some truly nostalgic indie pop music reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000s era. The group is comprised of Joakim Rosenlund, Sam Petter Claeson, Ruben Sonnesson, Robin Zhang, and Viktor Edsjo. Joe & The Anchor notably took off in popularity during the pandemic, when their cover of The 1975's hit song If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) blew up on an international scale, garnering the group a dedicated fan page in the Philippines. The group is set to perform some major shows this upcoming year, namely Victorious, Rebellion, Reading & Leeds, Live At Leeds, Twisterella, and Loud Women Festivals. Be sure to keep an eye out for the release of their 12-song album dropping on September 20, 2024. Written By Dan Caddigan FOLLOW JOE & THE ANCHOR: Instagram   | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube   *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Review: "GOODBYE" - Ava August

    Ava August is here with her brand new single, “GOODBYE”! In this nostalgic, acoustic pop track inspired by sunny southern California, Ava discusses the final moments of a relationship. At the start of the song, she begins to reminisce on a late night driving down the 405. They felt so free together, but “[they] were never meant to last.” They thought they could never come down from the dream they were in, and when she pulled up to her ex’s house, she knew it was their last goodbye. Ava still has love for her ex, but she’s been a wreck since they moved out. She wishes her ex’s new girl treats him well, but she can’t get over the fact that she can’t tell if he misses her. Ava ends the song by heartbreakingly confessing “I could never say goodbye/never found a reason why/I don’t even want to try.”  “GOODBYE” is the perfect acoustic pop anthem for the summer. The song starts off boldly with angelic echoes, personifying the feelings of riding the high of their relationship. Ava infuses the carefree attitude of southern California with some delicate acoustic guitar melodies and rich, soulful voice. As the first verse transitions into the infectious chorus, this dramatic build up from both a production standpoint and a volume standpoint lends itself to showcase Ava’s heightened feelings of desperation and sadness. Despite this, the production still has an effortless, carefree feeling. The climax of the song is during the bridge, with the intense vocals and the guitar solo. Sonically, it takes inspiration from classic soft rock and pop but has a modern flair. To me, it reminds me both sonically and lyrically of pop elites like Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo, with their biographical songwriting style and their signature production style.  Ava August is an 18 year old singer-songwriter from southern California. However, she has long been active in the music industry, making her first appearance singing the National Anthem. Not long after, she wrote her first song at only 9 years old, and the rest is history. She was contacted by NBC’s The Voice  and became one of the youngest contestants to compete on the show at 12 years old. Although Ava had previously released music on iTunes only, she released her debut single on all music platforms in 2020 with “ Daybreak ”. She then appeared on season 19 of American Idol  at 15 years old, where she performed 2 original songs, received the Golden Ticket, and sang with critically-acclaimed singer Josh Groban . She’s performed for many California sports teams over the years, and she was given her own float as a HomeTown Celebrity at 16 in the City of Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade. Despite her busy schedule, she has been consistently releasing music since 2020 and will be attending UCLA in Westwood, and is simultaneously preparing to release an EP. Make sure to be on the lookout for Ava’s next projects.  Written By Lauren DiGiovanni FOLLOW AVA AUGUST: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube | Website

  • Review: "sunshine" - Jiwon

    Artist Jiwon releases his latest single, “sunshine,” a relaxing and modern alternative blend of electronic sounds in its own genre, one that Jiwon has skillfully crafted on his own. The song is an authentic and reflective piece in which Jiwon invites us into his world, one that is emotionally challenging. Jiwon notes when writing the song in college he felt miserable at the time and wanted to “make something that [he] could bump on the way to class and not feel super depressed.” Titled, “sunshine,” Jiwon's sound is fun and experimental, contrasted with lyrics filled with longing and deep inward struggles that Jiwon faces. Jiwon writes, “Sunshine on my windowsill just another rush if I pop that pill.” The single sounds like a yearning for happiness, a pining for a happier and stable state of mind. The image of sunshine streaming through the window seems to make Jiwon feel trapped, yearning for an escape from troubled thoughts as he immerses himself musically in this spacey mix of cool beats. With multiple sounds and beats moving together, despite feeling chaotic, the track sounds like a pleasant and chill blend of pieces that bounce off one another with ease. The chorus takes a step away from the relaxed tone and catapults listeners into another world where techno waves rush over us and static radio sounds crackle over our ears. It's as if we are a lost and lonely astronaut floating through time and space, trying to phone home to Earth. Musically original, listeners are immersed in a futuristic world, and yet a modern one as electronic instruments clash with sounds that bring us back down to earth. The acoustic guitar supports the song, keeping it cool and loose, setting a hippie tone while slowing the song's pace and keeping it lighter. The song centers around its unique blend of sounds rather than focusing solely on Jiwon’s voice, which acts as a steady stabilizer within the wonderfully intense musical fusion. Brilliantly crafted and artistically individualistic, “sunshine” showcases Jiwon's free spirit and musical talent. Born in New York City, Jiwon was influenced by his father's love for rock and punk bands, as well as his mother's attention towards classical training. Jiwon is a multi-instrumentalist and has learned the piano, cello, bass guitar, and drums. He has been inspired by musical influences like Lou Reed and Jai Paul, who he follows in his unique musical expression. During the pandemic, while studying philosophy at Harvard and exploring musically, Jiwon soon released his 2023 album, Album 1 , highly praised for its raw and honest lyrics and distinctive sound. “Sunshine” is Jiwon's own creation as he is known for writing his own pieces and producing his own music single-handedly. With over 500,000 total streams, "sunshine" transcends musical barriers and structures, standing on its own stage. Check out Jiwon’s latest creation below! Written By Mia Chavez FOLLOW JIWON: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | YouTube

  • Review: "IAK" - MELIJAH

    MELIJAH’s exciting debut single, “IAK”, captures the powerful mindset behind embracing life’s haters and proving your capability and strength in spite of them. This single’s title, “IAK”, is a clever abbreviation for ever-present lyrics in the chorus, I’ve Always Known. What you always know is your own capabilities in the face of life’s difficulties and naysayers. It doesn’t seem to matter what situation you find yourself in, negativity from others seems to follow you incessantly. You remember the harsh critiques and cruel words they said to you at every turn, and you can no longer tolerate them. The hardships of life have made you stronger and better equipped to stand up for yourself. These trials are incomprehensible to someone who navigates life with overwhelming hatred for people other than themselves. They wait for you to pursue anything and are ready to tear you down for trying. However, these comments have grown to fuel your burning passion for gaining success in your life. You’ve always known that their misery will never know your company, and so you continue to prove them wrong. Click here to listen to "IAK"! “IAK” utilizes its contemporary and dance-pop musicality to craft its uplifting messaging. We begin with an intro that’s noticeably fast-tempoed. This tempo continues throughout the verses and gradually gains more accompaniment as it builds. Once we hit the chorus, we are greeted with an exciting change in vocality. The tempo slows slightly and suddenly picks up again with an instrumental break. This instrumentation is reminiscent of the early to mid 2010s pop-EDM hitmakers such as Calvin Harris and The Chainsmokers. What is derived from this instrumentation choice and its lack of vocals is how balanced this single is. It is not solely focused on vocals or its messaging, but rather it utilizes the instrumentation to tell its story as well. This energetic chorus and mood throughout is reminiscent of the positive mindset accrued by the narrator throughout their journey to self-affirmation. MELILJAH is a Swedish singer-songwriter who is currently based in Stockholm. He is a fully independent artist that has hit the music-scene full force with “IAK” as his first official release. He studied the fine arts and earned both a vocational and bachelor’s degree in them. A defining aspect of his music is showcased through his relatable and realistic lyricism. His career has gained traction and dedicated followers through his social media accounts. Each account is filled with support that is reminiscent through the respectable amount of streams his debut single has accumulated. Make sure to follow him on social media and give “IAK” a listen! Written By Willow Gray FOLLOW MELIJAH: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok

  • Review: "What We Wanted" - Jordan

    There’s something really beautiful about a rekindled love. Sometimes the timing isn’t right and both people have to go their separate ways to realize what they really want. Jordan’s single, “What We Wanted,” from her new EP, Driven Back To Love , tells the story of former lovers who cross paths again and realize that their feelings for each other never went away. It's poetic, passionate, and romantic, really. While some may see rekindling a romance as simply getting back together with an ex, it takes two mature people to come back together and value, recognize, and respect each other’s growth. The chorus, “And it’s been a whole year wasted since I denied that all need is you // And now we’re standing right here lost in each other’s eyes. Does it feel like deja-vu? // And it’s true that I, I don’t want someone new // Baby I can see it so clear, it’s always been you and I, there’s nothing you can lose,” really encapsulate the love and growth between two people who found their ways back to each other. “What We Wanted” is about a rekindled love and the smooth, synth-pop vibe and flow, effortlessly match the song’s journey of re-sparking an old flame. The vocals in this song are also take things to another level. The seamless harmonies between Jordan and her producer Cione match the heartfelt, magnetic energy that the lyrics exude. The bass beat that also echoes behind the track’s instrumentals, adds a slight sprinkle of R&B flare that lends itself nicely to the overall feel of the song. What’s also interesting about this song is that we hear Cione’s voice first, before Jordan’s voice comes in on the first chorus. Typically with features, we don’t normally hear the featured artist’s voice until about midway through the song, and this arrangement in particular, was really refreshing. Jordan is an Irish artist who has found her sweet, musical escape in Berlin. Her debut EP, Driven Back To Love , was released in June and its synonymous debut single was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds GSA playlist. Though the budding artist is just getting started, it’s clear that Jordan has found her sound – an effortless blend of pop and alternative sounds that beautifully compliment her soft, yet sultry voice. Her single “Defeated” has also drawn attention from online music blogs like GrrrlMusic, Juicy Underground, and MusikFreitag. Be sure to follow Jordan on social media to stay informed on any new updates and releases. “What We Wanted,” along with the rest of the tracks on her debut EP, are now available for your listening pleasure on all music streaming platforms. Written By Giselle Morales FOLLOW JORDAN Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook

  • Review: "But I Do" - Issa Raye

    Issa Raye is cooking up quite the dish with her latest single, and the recipe goes a little something like this. Take a cup of funk and disco, add a spoonful of honest lyrics, mix everything into a polished pop production, and you have yourself “But I Do” by Issa Raye. Throughout the song, Issa describes somebody who she’s having mixed feelIngs for. The hook explains her feelings perfectly; “Something about the way we move, it’s true baby, it’s true baby. Don’t want you but I do baby, I do baby”. These lyrics are quite reflective of how certain relationships can develop. You may notice chemistry between you and your partner, but you two haven’t quite fallen in love yet. In this scenario, it sounds like someone has reeled Issa in and she can’t help but dance along to their groove. “Big runner with the talk trynna please me, gotta love it when you make it look easy, and I don’t even try”. No matter who you are, somebody probably comes to mind when you listen to this jammer. With an upbeat tempo and a strong bass, “But I Do” has disco written all over it. Strings have a strong presence in the instrumental, predominately in staccato form. The overall production is smooth like butter, reminiscent of something you’d hear from Dua Lipa. The song is very radio-friendly, with no explicit content and a happy vibe. You shouldn’t have any problem playing this at one of your next events. But the best quality about this song? It has gender-neutral lyrics. With no “he” or “she” attached, anyone can sing this song to anyone. Everything about ”But I Do” makes it a primary candidate for your summertime playlist. Issa Raye is no stranger to the disco scene. She’s released a handful of tunes that all bring off the same, upbeat vibe. “Expectations”, released in 2023, contains similar lyrics and a slightly faster tempo than “But I Do”. “Beautiful Mess” is somewhat softer than her other projects but will still manage to get you out onto the dance floor. Disco was far and away the most popular music genre in the late 1970’s. Artists like The Bee Gees were dominating the charts until eventual protests by rock fans derailed the genre in 1979. But disco has seen quite the revival in recent years. Dua Lipa is a prime example of an artist who has taken this genre and catapulted it back into the mainstream. There’s no doubt Issa Raye has helped contribute to this growing trend and it’s safe to say the best has yet to come for this talented artist. Written By Camden Luca FOLLOW ISSA: Instagram   | Spotify  | TikTok  | Apple Music  | YouTube   *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • The Top 10 Most Influential Video Game Soundtracks

    When you think of video games throughout history, one thing that often comes to mind is the creativity behind the soundtracks. If you think about it right now, you're sure to be able to hum a video game tune from memory. They're just that iconic. Today, we're exploring the top 10 most influential video game soundtracks that shaped gaming history and still impact games being made today. 10. Sonic the Hedgehog - 1991 to present Beginning at number ten is the entire Sonic the Hedgehog IP. This one was too hard to narrow down into simply one of the franchise's many games because they've all been crazy influential over the years. Sega has always produced some incredible chiptunes and broken ground with elaborate soundtracks like the one in Sonic CD. But what Sonic really brings to the table is the addition of custom-written multi-genre songs with lyrics featured in several games starting from Sonic Adventure and beyond. Sonic Adventure 2 included a myriad of rock and hip-hop tracks to accompany our heroes on their journey. Since then, it has become a trend for the series and inspired other developers to test the waters with lyrical songs in their own games. 9. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - 2011 Coming in at number nine is the most popular Elder Scrolls installment of all time, Skyrim. This one isn't on the list for its atmospheric background music. It isn't even here for the music played during battles or most of the gameplay. I've added this one to the list for its incredibly iconic opening theme and the diegetic music within the game. When you launch Skyrim, you're greeted with the song, "Dragonborn", which is probably the most powerful way to open a video game ever. It's adventurous, strong, chanted in a mythical language, and has an overall high fantasy vibe to it. Elder Scrolls players will know that this language is a huge part of the game's lore and lore is our focus for this entry. Aside from this epic opener, the game features bard songs played by minstrels in various parts of Tamriel. The bard songs will tell the ancient tales of the land as well as the current affairs that our hero is entwined with. How convenient. This type of diegetic songwriting leads to an undeniable level of immersion that has influenced this type of storytelling in other games, inspiring composers and developers to get creative. 8. Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow - 1998 Our eighth spot goes to the original Pokemon trio, Red, Blue, and Yellow. Originally released on the Gameboy, these games showed that even on limited hardware, you can still leave a mark with good sound design. The entire soundtrack is only just under an hour long but paved the way for so much more to come. The battle music used in this game has been duplicated so many times in other works, typically in other monster-catching clones. However, there's no denying that this is the game that started it all, and on a handheld console of all things. Nintendo would continue to include Pokemon's iconic motifs not only in future handheld installments but also in the anime, movies, and more. This soundtrack is absolutely legendary. 7. Doom - 1993 Seventh on our list is the original Doom. Released all the way back on DOS in 1993, this game paved the way for metal music to not only be featured in games but also escalated the popularity of the genre as a whole in the public eye. The game was so popular that the iconic theme tune spread like wildfire, inspiring not only developers in future works but also musicians to write rock and metal songs of their own. In preceding Doom games, the music became an experience of its own. Listeners were playing the music on its own just as much as they were playing the games. The soundtrack was more than atmospheric for the games. It was atmospheric for everyday life. 6. Final Fantasy VII - 1997 Coming in at number six is a complete change of pace, Final Fantasy VII on the original PlayStation. This is a soundtrack that changed history, as it is known as the title that brought the orchestral genre to gaming as a whole. The game featured insanely complex orchestral compositions and unique motifs for characters and story events. Thanks to composer Nobuo Uematsu, the song "One-Winged Angel" lives in millions of minds rent-free. Paired with an iconic character like Sephiroth, it's truly unforgettable. All Final Fantasy installments going forward would follow suit, each having beautiful and unique orchestral soundtracks of their own. Final Fantasy's popularity would inspire countless other RPGs and story-driven games to implement orchestral music as a common practice today. 5. Chrono Trigger - 1995 Before Final Fantasy VII could soar, another game had to run. Coming in fifth is the legendary JRPG, Chrono Trigger. Having been released on the SNES, this game explored the limits of chiptunes, creating complex compositions that forged the path to games having full orchestral scores once technology caught up with the idea. Having also been made by Square, it is the obvious predecessor to the 3D Final Fantasy era, as Uematsu himself worked on this game alongside composer Yasunori Mitsuda. The Chrono Trigger OST not only inspired the music for FFVII but is known for setting the tone for all future Square (Enix) works. This valiant, heroic sound became the standard for JRPGs as we know it and still holds up today. The soundtrack has been featured on a total of four albums released by Square Enix since its inception. 4. Undertale - 2015 In our number four slot is Undertale, and oh boy, has this one made an impact. This meta, story-driven RPG-like game is the most recent entry on this list, but there's a reason for that. Undertale's music is undeniably some of the most iconic of the current era. The game's creator Toby Fox took immense inspiration from the game, Earthbound (We'll get to that later.) to create the game's overall quirky and unique feel. Throughout the game, we hear the use of story and character motifs, battle themes, and even emotional tracks that make this already surprising little game even more of an icon. Undertale being so recent is unique, as much of the music from the game has been used in countless YouTube videos, fan games, and other media. Undertale's legacy has quite literally been built by the fans, and if a soundtrack has that kind of influence, it must be powerful. 3. Earthbound - 1994 Number three on this list is Earthbound. (I told you we'd get there.) I'm not going to lie. This is a weird game. It was weird in 1994 and it's weird now. But that's what gives this game its charm. Despite having a prequel and sequel released only in Japan, titled "Mother" and "Mother 3" respectively, Earthbound, the second installment in the franchise, is the only one of the trilogy that saw a US release. Regardless of the missing pieces, the music in Earthbound is undeniably iconic. It's whimsical and strange and ignores the common musical tropes of video games at the time. The Earthbound soundtrack creates some of the most uncanny feelings throughout the game's unexpected story. For those who heard it firsthand in the game, the sound left a serious mark. The ability to evoke such a range of emotion was left underappreciated for years except by diehard fans, but with the release of fan games and Toby Fox's Undertale, the wacky world of Earthbound's OST was once again realized. 2. Minecraft - 2011 Nearing the end now, our number two spot goes to the now ultra-popular crafting and survival game, Minecraft. As you might already know, Minecraft is the single most downloaded game in history. It quickly took off after its release in 2011 as a simple game with limitless creative freedom. Alongside this colossal success though, was an unexpectedly subdued soundtrack. With such an open world, diegetic music didn't really fit well. The game didn't have much surface-level lore. It had to be unveiled, coaxed out from each individual player's point of view. Instead, Minecraft's creator, Notch, alongside the game's composer C418, opted for something more serene and cozy. Minecraft's music is surprisingly tranquil for its pixelated aesthetic and adds atmosphere to the pure imagination of such a non-linear space. Minecraft's soundtrack lives in the minds of millions and has inspired countless projects. Even today as a now thirteen-year-old game, Minecraft's music feels fresh, clean, and bright. I don't see it becoming obsolete any time soon. 1. Super Mario Bros. - 1985 If you made it this far in the article, you probably already saw this one coming. The number one title of the most influential video game soundtrack goes to Super Mario Bros. on the NES. Everyone knows that iconic level 1-1 theme. You know it, your grandma knows it, your dog probably knows it. I would almost say it is THE most iconic video game song in history. However, that's still up for debate. As far as this list goes though, it's impossible to ignore the fact that Shigeru Miyamoto's NES classic was the baseline for so many of the soundtracks listed above. The original vibrant, happy, little tune became an earworm to the now millions of people who have played and shared this game since all the way back in 1985. Mario has easily become Nintendo's biggest franchise now, spawning over 200 games now under the IP's umbrella. If you've somehow dodged this game's OST, give the original NES game a try. It's clear to see why it's my pick for the most influential game soundtrack of all time. Wow, what a long list. What did you think? Would these have been your picks for the top 10 most influential game soundtracks? Is there something we maybe forgot about? Feel free to share your thoughts with us on our socials below and thank you so much for giving us a read! Written By Shelbi Baker Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | TikTok | YouTube *copyright not intended. Fair use act, section 107.

  • EP Review: "Fire Signs" - Emma Roellig

    San Francisco, California based Alternative/Indie Singer-Songwriter, Emma Roellig has recently released her debut EP, "Fire Signs". Completely self-written by Emma and produced by producer and graphic designer, Rob Enea , "Fire Signs" delves into the emotional stages of heartbreak. TRACKLIST We're Just Kids Furnace Miles Away Sacrifice Overflow Emma Roellig is an independent artist who stepped into the music scene in 2021 with a collaboration project with fellow artists Alt Hays and Sam Dunn , titled "Familiar". Since then, Emma began working on her debut solo project which would become "Fire Signs", starting with the leading single, "We're Just Kids". The EP features intricate lyrics that revolve around themes of intense human emotion such as love, loss, grief, longing, denial and absolute heartbreak. Emma draws inspiration from artists like Bon Iver , Phoebe Bridgers , and Noah Kahan , but also has been compared to the likes of Gracie Abrams , Lennon Stella and Lizzy McAlpine . If you're someone who loves that delicate indie folk-pop sound, with raw emotion, intentional lyrics, and stunning vocals, then Emma just might be the artist for you. Let's dive into these tracks! We're Just Kids Track one happens to be "We're Just Kids", which was not only Emma's first single release in anticipation for this EP, but Emma's first solo single ever which was released in October of 2023! "We're Just Kids" sets the tone for what is yet to come, and kickstarted Emma's signature sound. The haunting acoustic soundscape rings as Emma sings in layers. There's a classic, rawness to this song that gives it a nostalgic, hometown feel. "We're Just Kids" is a trip down memory lane, and is about the simplicity of young love - before life gets hard and you're forced to grow up. This relationship may be over now, but Emma still remembers it well. Furnace Track two is "Furnace", and the second single release in anticipation of the "Fire Signs" EP. "Furnace" is heavily focused on lyrics and story-telling; Emma sets the scene and uses details so you can paint the picture of the story inside your mind. "Furnace" is about someone who is constantly changing their mind about what they want in a relationship. One second they want you, the next they're not sure. The verses are accompanied by an acoustic bass, pulsing B-flat while the focus is on Emma's words. The song picks up for the chorus, bringing in a stomping beat that puts the song on a whole new level. The tone and rhythm completely switches up for the bridge, but I want you to just listen for yourself to see what I mean. Emma says she pulled inspiration from Vance Joy and The Lumineers for this particular song, bringing in some of those Celtic Folk vibes with just a bit more twang. Miles Away Next we have "Miles Away", a song about being with someone that is so emotionally distant, that it's almost like you're not even in the same room. You start to feel so lonely that you don't even feel like you're in a relationship anymore. It's also about the frustration that comes along with losing what could've been, because there was a moment in time where they felt like the one - but now everything just feels wrong. "'Miles Away' was written about the complex feeling of grieving someone’s potential... I found myself feeling lonely every time I was around this person - like we were existing on two separate planes. I realized that we were playing house more than enjoying each other’s company. In writing this track I found that it is possible to long for the version of someone that only existed in my mind." -Emma . "Miles Away" has a dreamy, nostalgic 90's soft rock soundscape mixed with Emma's signature folk influence. This song embodies what it sounds like to be drifting away, whether it be physically or emotionally which really fits the mood and meaning. Sacrifice **TRIGGER WARNING** - Sensitive Topics "Sacrifice" is about losing someone you love to addiction and mental illness, and willing to sacrifice yourself just to bring them back. "Sacrifice was written about losing a loved one far too soon due to addiction/struggles with mental health. It encapsulates the frustrating and desperate feeling of begging someone to see themselves the way that the people who love them do, and pleading with the universe to keep them around long enough to see it for themselves. "Sacrifice" tells of my own bargaining with a higher power to offer up myself in exchange for my loved one." -Emma . "Sacrifice" is a very vulnerable track, and is unfortunately one that many people can relate to. Mixing Pop/Rock with classic western and country vibes, "Sacrifice" is a stunningly emotional song that will surely bring you to tears. Overflow The "Fire Signs" EP concludes with the final track, "Overflow". This song is meant to close this chapter in Emma's life; it's a positive reflection of what she's had to go through. It's the final stage of her grieving process, acceptance. Time heals all wounds, and she's finally found closure. She's able to look back on everything in a good light and she can move on. It's a gorgeous track, perfectly summarizing "Fire Signs" and bringing it to an end. The sustained acoustic chords and featured piano really stand out on this one, along with Emma's gentle vocals and genuine emotion. It's an ethereal, cenematic type of experience that you can really feel in your heart. Emma Roellig is only just getting started, but she's starting strong with her debut EP, "Fire Signs". You can hear how comfortable and confident she is that she has found her personal style, making each song sound effortless and honest. Not only can you hear that in the music, but you can hear it in her lyrics as well. Her story-telling is so detailed and vulnerable; she really knows how to engage you into her words as well as make her songs relatable. She has a soft, sweet voice that draws you in and she loves to layer them to add intensity in a very Phoebe Bridgers type of way. Indie Folk is where her heart is and you can tell, but there's also hints of soft rock, country and indie pop scattered throughout her songs as well. If you loved "Fire Signs", make sure to follow Emma below to see what she does next! This is only the beginning. Written By Kaitlyn Nicole FOLLOW EMMA: Instagram | Spotify | TikTok *Sponsored Post - Discovered on SubmitHub. A contribution was made to help create this article as part of a promotional campaign.

  • Review: "Good Kid" - Amelie Kalia

    Pop newcomer Amelie Kalia just released her debut single, “Good Kid” on June 28, 2024. The guitar-laden track is reminiscent of artists like Lizzy McAlpine and Gracie Abrams. The song was co-produced by Gavin Hudner and mixed/mastered by Bella Marcy. It tackles the experience of being young and anxious. The kids that were too scared to raise their hand in class, who preferred to play by themselves at recess. She sings about being quiet and reserved, particularly compared to her classmates, and how that gives her this notion of being a ‘good kid.’ If you’re looking for a new voice in pop music, Amelie Kalia is the perfect place to start. “Good Kid” is an acoustic inspired track that features Kalia’s breathy vocals layered over a guitar-heavy production. She opens the track up with “Sitting in the front of the fourth grade class / Teacher said I’m kind in a conference.” Right away, we are pulled into Kalia’s childhood as she reflects on what it means to be a ‘good kid.’ In the solemn refrain, she sings, “I’m a good kid in the fourth grade class / Mom’s not worried about drugs because I’m smarter than that / She’s just worried ‘cause my brains not like my friends / I’m a good kid ‘cause of that.” As a child, I often struggled with social anxiety and was more reserved. I felt my child self seen with lines like “I read at lunch / The kids are loud.” She put in the experience of feeling disconnected from everyone else in the fourth grade because of your more quiet and anxious personality. Amelie Kalia is a 20 year old rising singer-songwriter studying music at the University of California - Los Angeles, with roots also in Napa Valley. She has crafted an exciting indie pop and acoustic inspired sound. In her music, she loves to explore childhood and growing up. She touches on these universal topics with honesty and authenticity. “Good Kid” is a wondrous debut track that explores life as a quirky and anxious kid. If you enjoyed this song, make sure to check out Amelie Kaila’s social media accounts linked below, so you can keep up with all the latest information on her and her music. I, for one, cannot wait to see what she shall release next. Written By Sydney Gray FOLLOW AMELIE KALIA: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok

  • Review: "Cascade" - Anna Harrell

    “Cascade” is Anna Harrell’s newest release, but it has the cadence of a past emotion.  The piece presents a metaphorical expression of, and an opportunity to, cascade. To fall into that slippery slope of nostalgia. As Anna walks the listener through her daily life it's clear something more looks in the distance, and the trigger for bringing it forward is a simple reminder of when this person was her daily life. A picture creates a waterfall which only for a moment, Harrell flows with. “Cascade” not only lyrically examines the emotion behind such a thing, but gives into the relief of it and gifts the listener a chance to as well.  Harrell’s lyrics are genuine and expressive, but the structure and skill of her composing created the atmosphere necessary for them to be truly heard. Her instrumentals introduce the song with a catchy, but purposefully repetitive sound. Though it's still skillful, this compared to the release of the “cascade” is definitely intentional. The acoustic guitar presents a sort of build up to the underlying temptation of reminiscence. And the chorus does even more so to bring this out. Her vocals are what ties it all together, they follow the theme of the instrumentals but the honesty of the lyrics and do both beautifully. Anna Harrell is only 18 years old but has been making music for nearly a decade. At only nine years old she knew songwriting evoked a passion that couldn't be found elsewhere. Her love for the art, its impact on her and the world, is palpable through the work she creates. Her songs, emotive and honest, are a sort of journal.  They present a method of summarizing the world, making sense of it in a way which only words cannot.  This is felt by Harrell as well as her audience. The artist has come back strong from her recent break with “Cascade” and is continuing those powerful themes felt previously, this and other Anna Harrell works can be found below. Written By Hailey Schap FOLLOW ANNA HARRELL: Instagram | Spotify  | YouTube

  • Review: "Overkill" - Tessa Dalton

    Nothing feels quite as good as summer love. The warmth it fills you with that has you smiling brighten than the sun - but once the Summer starts coming to an end, you start to wonder if it really is love, or just a casual fling that will fade away with the Summer heat as it turns to cold. Tessa Dalton just released her new single “Overkill", which is a song that encapsulates exactly what it feels like to fall head over heels for someone when you least expected it. The vibrant synths and punchy drums bring so much energy to the track. Tessa’s vocals are stunning and bring a Gracie Abrams vibe to the song. “Overkill” is definitely one to add to your summer playlist. Tessa paints a picture of a relationship going full 360, from a casual situation to taking a hard fall into someone. She expressed lyrically how she doesn’t even care what they are labeled as long as they are together. “We can keep it a secret, you can whisper that I’m yours.” Sometimes we are satisfied keeping feelings held close and tight. I love the imagery she added with the line “every red light, kissing till our drinks spill.” This single brings all the hope of reciprocated love and how beautiful it feels. Tessa made an enjoyable song we can all play on full blast. Tessa Dalton is a multi instrumentalist singer-songwriter. She grew up in Idaho and now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. She is very well known with the fiddle and has participated  in a fiddle championship in multiple states. She has gotten to play on many tracks and is now taking her turn at being a studio musician. Tessa was a finalist in an international songwriting competition back in 2023 with two unreleased songs. She is incredibly talented and I know her spotlight with keep getting brighter. Tessa has a few other songs out for us to listen to so check out her Spotify link below. Written By Emylee Herring FOLLOW TESSA DALTON: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube

  • Review: "Cool!" - Hutton

    Adding a fresh new single to the alt-pop/indie-rock world, Hutton has made her music industry debut with her song "Cool!" The track embodies teenage angst at its finest, incorporating unfiltered lyrics and a raw, authentic message that many can relate to. "Cool!" reflects on what it's like to stand your ground and stand up to someone who has hurt you, making it an anthem for those fighting against the toxicities of life. Giving a sneak peek at what's to come from the artist, "Cool!" is the first of many songs to be released by Hutton, setting expectations high for what she'll do in the next few months. Dark and mysterious, Hutton sets a laid-back and moody scene with the alt-pop/indie-rock sound of "Cool!" The debut track features groovy bass lines, shuffling beats, and slinky melodies, eventually layering gritty guitar riffs and distorted vocals at the song's climax. Hutton's voice is intoxicating throughout the track, delivering heavy-hitting lines with a subtle edge. Between the intricate layers of the soundscape and the artist's rousing vocal performance, "Cool!" has a sound reminiscent of indie icons like Foster the People , Chappell Roan , and Olivia Rodrigo , paying homage to some of Hutton's influences. Hailing from Telluride, Colorado, Hutton has been relying on music and songwriting throughout her life as a form of therapy. She moved to LA at 18 years old, dedicating the last two years to developing herself as an artist. During this time, she has worked with producers Austen Healey , Runnner , Stephen Conley , and Derek Ted , writing a collection of hits inspired by the likes of Indigo Girls , Sheryl Crow , Olivia Rodrigo , Phoebe Bridgers , and Chappell Roan . Hutton aspires to convey a bold authenticity through her creations, using her music to reflect on themes of heartbreak, longing, and the questioning that defines life in your 20s. Written By Cheyenne Johnson FOLLOW HUTTON: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | YouTube

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