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  • Review: "See Your Face" - Leo Golo

    Leo Golo is back with his newest single: "See Your Face." Following the release of his track "All In & All Out," an uptempo pop-banger from earlier this year, Leo takes his music in a brand new direction this time around. "See Your Face" is a slow, touching ballad about long-distance relationships and loving someone from afar. From the acoustic piano and guitar-led instrumental to Leo's delicate vocal delivery, the track blooms with romance. Even in lyrical passages that discuss the trials of this type of relationship, the song's tenderness still seeps through. "See Your Face" is about a real person in Leo's life, which makes complete sense considering how heartfelt and emotionally authentic the track's lyricism is. Leo even states "The guy I wrote the song about has listened to it and loves it, so it's like a full circle moment for me!" This relatable, beautiful ballad will surely tug on the heartstrings of all who listen. "See Your Face" truly soars. Leo's work packs an emotional punch as he creates a deep emotional resonance in every aspect of the song. Sonically, the track starts as a quaint acoustic cut and gradually grows into an anthemic power ballad made for crowds to sing along to. It's also hard not to be moved by the lyrics Leo penned. Lines like "Cause I can't wait to see if the move we played in our was just a mess" represent so many new issues our generation deals with from online dating. The songwriting is equally poetic and relatable. "See Your Face" is a truly special song. Leo Golo is a Barcelona-born singer-songwriter. Inspired by Swedish pop icons like Tove Lo or Max Martin, Leo hopes to bridge the gap between synth music and emotional balladry. Though his solo career has only just begun, Leo is already established within the music industry. The musician has played the keyboard on national tours and recorded for industry-wide artists, including Aina Reig, GlezSee, and Albi Z. Leo is also known for the covers he posts on Instagram, which has garnered the attention of artists like Tove Lo or The Lost Youth. "See Your Face" is Leo's second single since his EP "Falling Again," and will be included on his debut album, scheduled to release later this year. If "See Your Face" is any indication, Leo Golo's album will be a must-listen. You can hear "See Your Face" and Leo's other works on all streaming services now. Written By Lauren Nolan FOLLOW LEO: Instagram   | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube   *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Review: "So Sweet" - The Harbours

    You can never get enough when it comes to feel-good indie rock music, and The Harbours delivers to this need with their brand new energetic single, “So Sweet”. The song is bright and rich with loving devotion. The sound of “So Sweet” is one you can never tire of as it just makes listeners feel so warm. It’s a style and structure that’s classic and it’s what makes it so easy to listen to. It’s not an exaggeration to call “So Sweet” infectious because that’s exactly what it is, incredibly catchy. What really sells this track is, at the end of the day, you can tell this song was created with pure enjoyment and this joy so easily bleeds into the minds of listeners. The opening guitar riff is just so good and really brings you up to your feet in excitement. With the lyrics, there is a clear idea of a risk being taken with this relationship as the other person makes it hard for the speaker to think straight because she’s so easy to fall in love with. This is a universal portrayal of young relationships and how overpowering they can be. While the speaker feels as if they may be walking blindly throughout these events, they stay absolutely positive when talking about this person they care for, repeatedly calling her “so sweet”. It completely erases the fear of the risk and turns this relationship into something an outsider would envy. The chorus absolutely rocks and multiplies the energy listeners first feel with the opening guitar riff. Speaking of guitars, the guitar solo feels timeless and in its own way perfectly captures the emotions behind this song’s story. The Harbours have done so well with their creation of “So Sweet” and it’ll be interesting what comes next for them. The Harbours is a duo from Leicestershire that consists of Ollie Drakard and Will Massarella-Tyler. The two met at university in 2020 and throughout their university years began playing shows together. In 2024, The Harbours became an official group. On April 19th, the duo released their debut single “Out of Sight” which did well and gained over 30k streams on Spotify.  They were featured on “BBC Introducing” and have been featured throughout the East Midlands radio stations. The Harbours have cultivated a large and loyal online fanbase, and it’s clear this loyal fanbase will only continue to grow. The Harbours are an exciting duo to be introduced to so be sure to keep an eye out to see what they will make next. Written By Chantal Charles FOLLOW THE HARBOURS: Instagram   | Spotify  | TikTok  | YouTube   *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Review: "Kansas" - 44phantom

    In an exciting new single, 44phantom keeps listeners on the edge of their seats after his recent EP release. Titled “Kansas”, the song is certainly 44phantom’s classic sound of grunge-pop: heavily distorted guitars and an angsty, emotive tone in his voice. Whether or not you’ve ever been to Kansas (if the title is even truly referencing the state), you can find yourself in this track. The lyrics reference ‘Kansas’ as something the people sung about purposely never discuss. A topic that clearly holds pain and turmoil from their past, and something that they have grown through and survived. Whether the pair is a romantic couple, two family members, or simply two friends, they have been able to put Kansas behind them and move forward, better now because of it. 44phantom has crafted extremely interesting lyrics with this single, seemingly describing multiple vignettes, connected by the main character having the same thoughts about this mysterious ‘Kansas’ trope. The first verse is as follows: “You got me from the parking lot on Tuesday / Sober like you'd never been before / Burning quiet fast with conversations / But we don't mention Kansas anymore.” True to his words, the artist doesn’t reveal what Kansas is, only that throughout multiple different experiences it is never mentioned. The first two verses are simplistic in their vocals, yet heavily emotive and full of pain. The bridge, placed between the third verse and the chorus, is simply vocalizations. This move is simplistic and yet brings so much emotion to the track, potentially giving a look into what ‘Kansas’ made 44phantom feel. Born and raised in Oklahoma, yet currently residing in Los Angeles, Brayton Matthews has found an outlet in his alter-ego 44phantom. He states that the term “grunge-pop” was coined around his music. He created his pen name as a reference to his late second cousin, and a connection to his family’s ties with the number 44. He uses his career as a way to speak freely about his emotions and his mental health, as so many artists of his genre do. He recently released an EP titled “die sometime, its good for you”. He has explained that the title is making light of the jokes he has made about himself and his mental health. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more music from 44phantom. Written By Tessa Maddaloni FOLLOW 44PHANTOM: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube

  • Review: "tunnel vision" - dee holt

    You know when you first lay eyes on someone and from that moment on, they're all you can ever think about? Whenever they're around, it's like no one else is in the room and you can't take your eyes off of them. Everyone and everything else is a total blur because you're just so heaven struck by this newfound crush and this exciting rush of feeling that they have given you. You find yourself blushing, hiding your face, twirling your hair and giggling like a child even when things aren't funny. It's also a bit embarrassing when you realize your body language might be making it a little too obvious about how you're feeling, and you're not quite sure if they feel the same yet. dee holt's new single, "tunnel vision" is a fun dark-pop jam about that person that leaves you starry-eyed and with butterflies in your stomach every time you come face to face. "tunnel vision" takes a softer, gentle approach to a dark / alt. pop style and mixes it with what sounds to me like a reggaetón influenced beat and rhythm (produced by A.B. Eastwood ). There's heavy emphasis on bass, percussion and synths, with RnB-esque harmonies to accompany dee holt's gorgeously smooth, airy pop-star voice. Co-Written with Nashville songwriter Brigetta , "tunnel vision" encompasses the extreme feelings that come with crushing on someone hard, not only with it's lyrics, but with it's dynamic flow and layers of vocals and production. dee holt is a 20 year old indie / alternative pop artist from Montreal, Canada. dee has had a natural talent for music, singing since she was young and learning how to play guitar. After encouragement from her family, dee was able to record music as a graduation gift from her parents, leading her to officially begin releasing music, starting with her debut song "Hardest Part" in 2020. She went on to release break out single "Olivia" in 2021; This led to dee being discovered and added to official Spotify playlist, and being signed to Nettwerk Music Group in 2022. As of present, dee is planning on releasing her 3rd studio EP, "loving in the dark", which is set to release August 18th! dee has also been spending her Summer touring, so make sure to follow her below to see her upcoming shows. Written By Kaitlyn Nicole FOLLOW DEE HOLT: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | YouTube

  • Review: "One Summer" - Marco Tamimi

    Reminiscing on all of the fun memories, what if's, and "what happened"'s, Tamimi perfectly captures the essence of fleeting, summery romance in his hit single, 'One Summer'. This song perfectly encapsulates our seasonal lovesickness and alleviates some of our saturated hopes with it's lighthearted, feel-good vibe. Tamimi's lyrics are weighted, carrying a message that reminds that even though things don't work out in the ways we hope, life still goes on and the seasons still change. Tamimi takes us on a beautiful roller coaster of emotions, allowing us to experience the highs and lows of pursing that second shot at love and entertain the thought that "maybe we could work this time around". Spiraling into a frenzy of emotions and questioning his own actions, ‘One Summer’ wins us over with Tamimi's signature genuineness that lingers long after the song is over. Even though this single sums up our love lives with reality-crushing "one sorry, too damn late", one can't help but sing their heart out alongside Tamimi. Simply put, 'One Summer' is a lively masterpiece. The raw emotion Tamimi pours into this song resonates deeply in all of us who share his yearning for connection, but even so, we're left with this encompassing/enveloping warmth that makes us want to shout the lyrics at the top of their lungs. His vocals start off subtle, accented with a soft vibrato that draws us in and leaves us hooked on his every word. As we cross the song’s bridge and enter the chorus, the drums pick up and the smooth bass hits even harder when it's booming at max volume in our cars. The fast-paced, cheery instrumental coupled  with Tamimi’s sincerity makes for an increasingly climactic back-and-forth throughout the song. Tamimi knows how to balance the sentimental with the carefree, working to create an impactful impactful equilibrium of sound. 'One Summer' is a brilliant production that heals the unresolved angst from our scorched summer flings and makes our worries fade away. This English singer-songwriter doesn't seem to be slowing down when it comes to releasing new, passionate tunes that are beloved by fans all over! Succeeding his debut single titled 'Different Eyes', 'One Summer' hit massive numbers across many platforms, with over 10 million streams on Spotify alone; it's safe to say that this song is a consistent repeat on all of our summer set lists. Tamimi's thoughtful lyrics and authentic brand make his music incredibly relatable, causing audiences to gravitate towards his one-of-a-kind voice. Drawing inspiration from artist groups like MUNA and Counting Crows , Tamimi has continued to hone his craft, define his sound, and bring such a refreshing artistry to the music world. In just a few years, Tamimi has truly left his mark on the world of indie-pop and doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon with more releases underway! With this song being the first release of upcoming debut EP, we can expect plenty more unforgettable bops to get stuck in our heads. Like, follow, and subscribe down below to stay up-to-date with all of Tamimi's new music! Written By Pejah Carr FOLLOW MARCO: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube

  • Review: "Ghosts" - Carson Ferris

    It’s been nearly nine months since I last reviewed Carson Ferris’ 2023 single “Talkin’ to You”, so I’m so glad to be back to listen to his latest track “Ghosts”. A slower, chiller tempo laced with heavier meaning, “Ghosts” is the culmination of Ferris’ personal experience and observations of toxic and unhealthy relationships. If you’ve ever been witness to these situations, or have been part of them yourself, this song is going to speak directly to you. The lyrics are wizened with hindsight, and are honest to the core; the story it tells is one that has happened repeatedly throughout history without fail, but is now memorialized with emotional vocals and electronic beats. Weighty in meaning and deep in synth, "Ghosts" is a electro-pop combo of a melodic soundscape and meaningful lyrics. Although “Ghosts” was originally meant to be a high tempo dance track, I feel that its slower tempo works much better with its meaning. Synth and heavy drum beats make for a fitting electro-pop song, blending together emotionally raw lyrics and a more relaxed atmosphere. When you add Ferris’ vocals to the mix, you’re provided with the missing piece that brings the entire soundscape together; flowing throughout the track, his smooth voice immaculately threads the instrumentals and lyrics into one song. The production is simply fantastic– just one listen will immediately tell a listener that a lot of care and effort went into forming the soundscape and vibe of “Ghosts”. But, as usual, my favorite part of the song is the songwriting. The first line of “Ghosts” asks, “Do you believe in ghosts?” which instantly establishes the song’s themes. In this context, the narrator is the “ghost”, being all that is left of themselves from a relationship after they have left. Tired of being used, only their spirit remains. Later on, in the bridge, listeners get a bigger taste of what this means– “It’s time to change / Yeah, moving on’s a choice I’ve made”. I really like how “Ghosts” is all about encouraging moving on from someone who has hurt you; you can forgive them, make peace with the situation, but you are not obligated to stay. In fact, it is the only way things can be okay again, with you leaving, living, and learning from the relationship’s end. It’s a kind and caring message, and entwined with the song’s immensely catchy electro-pop beats, "Ghosts" becomes a poetic embodiment of what it means to forgive and live on. Hailing from Provo, Utah, Carson Ferris is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose music can be described as a cross between a young Michael Jackson and OneRepublic. While being a solo artist, he’s also a member of the singing groups One Voice Children’s Choir and Voices Elevated– and with OVCC, he had the chance to sing in front of stadiums and tour Tokyo. Since his debut release in 2021 “Can’t Be Without You”, in collaboration with Trinidad Cardona, Ferris has gone on to release a wide array of music that encapsulates the classic upbeat pop style. His two EPs, “Talkin' to You” and “1999”, were both released in 2023 to great success. "Ghosts" is Ferris' first single of 2024, but he isn't stopping there. If you enjoyed "Ghosts", definitely drop him a follow to keep track of his next projects! Written By Alexa Leung FOLLOW CARSON FERRIS: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube

  • Review: "Bad at Being Casual" - Fionn

    It’s the summer of situationships and the blurred lines that come with them. “Bad at Being Casual” is Fionns second single release from their upcoming EP. If you’re a fan of Wet Leg or The Beaches, this duo is for you. Their new song is a must listen for anyone stuck in this situation… or in this case, ‘situationship.’ This single is an indie pop track that dives deeper into the new dating phenomenon. Fionn says that this song highlights the internal chaos while presenting a cool exterior, and you can truly feel that within the music. The song feels energetic and fun while the lyrics contain panic and insecurities. Putting a label on connections you have with someone else can be exciting yet just as terrifying. In todays world most of us choose to play it safe by avoiding labels, even though it will end in a broken heart. ‘Bad at Being Casual’ portrays the narrative of someone who easily catches feelings in waves of meaningless attention. In the first verse there’s a line that says, “Cause your apartment floor’s my revolving door, I walk through then I’m back again.” I thought this perfectly depicted what it’s like seeing someone without truly seeing them. You’re there for the 1am call to come over and gladly do it, but once business is done they send you on your way with no strings attached. It can suck when your heart longs for depth but you have to stay on the surface. Fionn is an incredibly talented duo comprised of sisters, Alanna and Brianne Finn-Morris. They released their self-titled debut back in 2018 and have continued to develop their artistry ever since. Their discography has grown immensely as well as the variety of sound they add to their songs. These sisters were brought up in a musical family in Vancouver which explains their undeniable gift as musicians. ‘Bad at Being Casual’ is just a glimpse at what we will get to hear on their next EP. According to the duo, they are on their pop/rock path while singing about personal relationships in their 20’s. Following Fionn on the links down below to stay alert on their future releases, you won’t want to miss. Written By Emylee Herring FOLLOW FIONN: Instagram   | Spotify  | TikTok  | Facebook  | YouTube

  • Review: "Don't Call" - DAYA

    In singer/songwriter Daya’s new single “Don’t Call”, you’ll find yourself electrified by the pop dreamscape she’s created. Daya has crafted a track that’s not only perfect for dancing and letting loose, “Don’t Call” additionally showcases her incredible songwriting capabilities. With lyrics entailing both a tumultuous and passionate connection, Daya’s songwriting gracefully walks the fine line between resonation and yearning. This story is told through detailed lyrics such as, “Now I’m here in your arms, it’s just like the start,” as well as the passion in Daya’s voice. Her voice soars over swirling drum beats with both pain and beauty, creating an atmospheric song that has transcended current genre dividers. “Don’t Call” could be labelled as a pop song, but it provides layers that cannot fit it into one box. Daya’s style brings me nostalgia, reminding me of artists like Nelly Furtado and classic 80’s pop/alternative mixes, as well as comparisons to current artists such as Troye Sivan, Lorde, and Charli XCX.   From the echoing sound of Daya’s voice in the intro to “Don’t Call,"  the song begins to set you out on a journey. As the story escalates and Daya’s passion grows, the tempo of the track follows in a similar fashion. Daya's voice greets you first, followed by scenes that evoke specific images in your mind. I perfectly pictured a movie-like club scene and felt feelings of resonance, similar to watching a romance carry out through time in a coming-of-age story. “Don’t Call,"  in simple terms, tells the tale of a relationship that Daya needs to let go of but finds herself running back to. She finds herself thinking alone, looking back and remembering what they had, yet simultaneously knowing that she needs to break away from the situation. Her lyrics detail wishing for something to take her mind off this other person and accept that the situation doesn’t feel right anymore – an experience that is perpetuated and, unfortunately, has been felt by numerous other people. Daya’s voice, along with her intelligent songwriting, should be propelled into the pop world and give her the flowers she deserves. Daya is a Grammy-winning singer/songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From the age of 3, Daya began to learn to play a multitude of instruments including piano, saxophone, guitar, flute, and ukelele. In 2016, as a high school junior at 16 years old, Daya broke onto the music scene with her debut album, “Sit Still, Look Pretty”, certified gold in the U.S. and silver in the U.K. From the album, her track “Hide Away” became multi-platinum. Later that year, she won a Grammy with the Chainsmokers for the song “Don’t Let Me Down”. Since then, Daya has released her second EP, “The Difference” (2021), and has provided music for soundtracks like 13 Reasons Why and Blade Runner: Black Lotus. In 2023, Daya announced that she had become a fully independent artist, meaning that she has control and direction of her music and content, and given her the platform to create the sound she’s now diving into. Written By Madison Spies Instagram | Facebook | Spotify | TikTok | YouTube *copyright not intended. Fair use act, section 107.

  • Review: "L2LM2" - Mike Mroz

    Toxic relationships can be so draining; you begin to lose yourself and all sense of individuality. They just keep breaking you down until there's nothing left, making you feel like you're not worth anything - but you are. "L2LM2" by Mike Mroz stands for "Learn To Love Me Too" and is about stepping out of these toxic situations and finally putting yourself first. Co-written with songwriter Dwayne Alo , the lyrics are uplifting and are about recognizing all the things that you didn't deserve when putting everything you have into someone. Mixed with a catchy radio pop groove, "L2LM2" is an empowering Summer jam that will have you feeling good and dancing around like no one is watching. "L2LM2" is a little bit bittersweet; it hurts that you had to go through something so painful, but you're finally free and on this new journey of self love. The positive energy and production on this song really helps amp you up and help you realize just how great you are and how much you deserve. One of my personal favorite parts are the mixture of guitar progressions throughout the song; it adds something really special to the overall groove and mood that I love. Mike has a really raw, easy-on-the-ears type of voice that makes "L2LM2" even more enjoyable. The echoing background vocals and the overall remarkable production create a soundscape that is unforgettable. This is a song to have on repeat all Summer long. Mike Mroz is an artist, producer and engineer based in New York City. He started out producing for other artists, such as Hadji Gaviota , She Loves Boon , Gabi Diaz , Harry Taylor , Dania and others. In 2021, he began releasing music as a solo artist, starting with his debut single "Local Girl". Since then, Mike has released 9 more singles, including his most recent song we covered here, "L2LM2". If you loved this song, make sure to also check out his other two most recent songs released this year, "Voices" and "Rain Check"! "Voices" is about when you have those negative thoughts running through your head and you can't seem to shake them; it's mixed with a heavy popping beat and a catchy radio-worthy groove. "Rain Check" however, breaks things down a bit with a more gentle dance beat and is about looking back on a "right person, wrong time" type of relationship. Make sure to follow Mike below to keep up with his journey and to see what he does next! Written By Kaitlyn Nicole FOLLOW MIKE MROZ: Instagram | Spotify  | Facebook  | YouTube

  • Review: "Nicotine" - Ghost Weather

    Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical drug that releases the "happy hormone", dopamine, and a small rush of adrenaline when it enters your body; and when I say it's highly addictive, I mean it's highly addictive. In Ghost Weather's latest single, he compares the feeling of someone's touch to nicotine in the sense that his attraction to them is so strong that he just cannot get enough of them. He drew inspiration from his own personal struggles with addiction, and how the person he was seeing at the time made him feel the same way that nicotine did. He claims after realizing this comparison, "the hook basically wrote itself". Written, recorded, and produced completely solo in his former, rat infested apartment, "Nicotine" was a challenge that Ghost Weather was willing to take on. He says he purposely left some rat scratching noises in there, so if you listen hard enough you might just hear them! "Nicotine" is such a catchy, trippy electronic pop song that really showcases what Ghost Weather is all about - purely independent and honest talent. The heavy drums get you moving and the psychedelic mixture of synths put the story right into picture perfect view. Not to mention Ghost Weather's ear-pleasing voice which ties the whole song together, making it a radio-worthy track and a perfect Summer jam. Funny enough, the hook is quite addicting ; it's easy to remember, and I guarantee it'll be stuck in your head after your first listen. Ghost Weather, also known as Michael Heller, is an independent, indie pop / electronic singer-songwriter, guitarist, sound designer and producer based in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Ghost Weather started his musical journey at a very young age, becoming at recording artist at only 13. He is currently studying electronic production and sound design at Berklee College of Music . He is inspired by artists like Twenty-One Pilots , Owl City and The Neighbourhood . He takes great pride in working independently as he writes, records, produces, mixes and masters all his own songs. Ghost Weather also released another single this year titled "Tab", so if you enjoyed "Nicotine" I highly suggest checking out that song as well! Written By Kaitlyn Nicole FOLLOW GHOST WEATHER: Instagram  | Spotify | TikTok  | YouTube *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Review: "Running Back 2 You" - Presence

    Presence's latest single "Running Back 2 You" is a powerful song that explores the themes of love, heartache, and the struggle to move on from a broken relationship. Diving into the deep end of emotion, "Running Back 2 You" hits the heart like a tidal wave. It's a raw, unfiltered confession set to music, with Presence taking us through the turbulent journey of realizing one's faults in love and the desperate need to mend things. As listeners, we've all felt that knot in the pit of our stomachs - the one that forms when we've thrown away something golden, hoping against hope it's not too late to retrieve it. With lines like "Keep running and I / I just keep running back to you," he captures that relentless pursuit of a second chance, that universal chase after a love just out of reach. It's a scenario that strikes a chord – when you can't help but gravitate back to that one person who gets you, regardless of the pride it costs you. The essence of "Running Back 2 You" isn't confined to its lyrics alone; the music itself carries you on a journey through the peaks and valleys of reminiscence and remorse. Presence crafts an undeniably heartfelt soundscape, with a sad piano setting the stage for the soul to speak. When the guitar strings in, it feels like the plucking of heartstrings, each notes a step on the path back to the one that got away. His voice echoes with an almost tangible longing, wrapped in a vulnerability that makes every apology feel like an intimate whisper meant just for you. The style is indie with a touch of the blues – a perfect backdrop for late-night introspection or rainy-day musings. Presence's music provides more than just background noise; it’s a comforting companion whispering, "You're not alone in this." Beyond being a figure in indie music, Presence emerges as a storyteller capturing moments of love, loss, and the universal search for redemption in "Running Back 2 You." He invites listeners to peek behind the curtain, sharing personal narratives woven into each note and refrain. An artist shrouded in enigma, his music speaks louder than any biography, inviting listeners to traverse the emotional landscapes he paints. While his origins remain veiled, his music speaks volumes, echoing a journey of self-discovery and emotional awakening. As "Running Back 2 You" drifts into the air, it carries the promise of more stories waiting to unfold, drawing us deeper into Presence's inner world and the universal yearning for connection and understanding. Dive into the emotional depths of "Running Back 2 You" on Spotify in the link down below, and you can watch the official music video above. Beyond the song, continue to journey alongside Presence by following him on his social media platforms using the links below. Join the symphony, the shared emotions, and the unspoken connections as we traverse the lyrical landscapes drawn by Presence's melodies. Stay Positive and Inspired Guys! Written By CJ Taylor FOLLOW PRESENCE: Instagram | Spotify  | TikTok  | YouTube

  • Concert Review: The Kid Laroi - The First Time Tour

    @thekidlaroi on Instagram T he Kid Laroi gained traction into the music scene with his 2020 pop rap song “Diva” featuring Lil Tecca. He would soon follow this up in 2021 with his smash hit “Stay” featuring Justin Bieber. These viral anthems would establish The Kid Laroi into the mainstream after consistently putting up top charting hits on the Billboard during the span of these two years. This was my first time seeing The Kid Laroi perform in person. I attended the June 15th date of the First Time Tour in Washington D.C at The Anthem. The venue was nice. There were no bad areas to watch The Kid Laroi perform. The general admission standing room gave the concert an intimate feel because you were close to the artist. The venue did not feel too small because it could fit thousands of people as there was barely any breathing room while attending the concert. The balcony seating was perfect for those who wanted an aerial view of the concert and wanted to enjoy the concert without having to worry about bumping into someone in the general admission standing room. I was fortunate enough to have the perfect spot in the middle of the general admission standing room so I could have the best of both worlds. I was able to see The Kid Laroi up close and could observe my surroundings as the concert unfolded. The concert experience was fun and amazing. The audience was full of diehard The Kid Laroi fans that brought the energy as soon as he walked across the stage. The Kid Laroi fed off the crowds’ energy throughout the show which enhanced my concert experience because it kept me engaged throughout the concert. There were some fans that knew every single lyric from each of his songs that he performed. This was impressive within itself as there were moments where The Kid Laroi would let the crowd sing his parts and the crowd would always respond well to his challenge. The stage visuals were simple but aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The lights matched the vibe of each song The Kid Laroi performed. For example, if he was performing a more emotional song then the lights were red. If the song was more chill, then they turned blue. The Kid Laroi kicked the concert off with more of his hype songs. This would include songs such as “Sorry”, “What’s the Move”, “Diva”, and to the crowds’ surprise “Tragic”. Although “Tragic” is song from an older album from his catalog, The Kid Laroi wanted to be inclusive to the fans that appreciated more of his rap songs as he explained before performing the song. The energy was unmatched during this point of the show. There were huge mosh pits throughout the venue where everyone participated. It was so loud that I could not hear my own voice during this part of the concert. It was great way to start the concert and get the crowd involved in he show. During the middle portion of the concert, The Kid Laroi performed more of his chill songs. This would include songs such as “Girls”, “Go”, “Nights Like This”, and “Bleed”. Personally, this was one of my favorite parts of the show. The combination of the quality stage production, aesthetically pleasing lights, and The Kid Laroi’s breathtaking vocals made me watch in awe. I could only appreciate and soak in the concert experience at that point. At the time, “Girls” was an unreleased song that The Kid Laroi had been teasing on TikTok for months. He announced during the concert that he would be releasing the song in about two weeks. This was an exciting part for the audience as we got to listen to the full song live before the rest of the world. “Go” included a Juice WRLD tribute before the song which rallied the crowd while he performed the song with emotion. There was a beautiful transition from “Go” to “Night Like This” as fans got an opportunity to listen to the extended version of the song. When I thought that this song could not get any better, I was proven wrong. The song outro of the extended version was beautiful. The crossover between the EDM sounding synth chords transitioning into the airy Drum and Bass drum pattern blew me away. This version got me to appreciate “Nights Like This” even more. The Kid Laroi gave a nice gesture to the fans with the extended version of the song, rewarding his core audience. As The Kid Laroi moved towards the latter part of the concert, he sang more of his emotional songs. This would include songs such as “Love Again”, “Without You”, and “Thousand Miles”. Although this part of the concert was more a slow pace, the energy did not go down from the crowd. The heartbreak anthems got the audience to passionately sing the lyrics louder and louder during this stretch of the concert. “Thousand Miles” is one of those songs that sounded even better live than the studio version. I would say it was one of The Kid Laroi’s best performances of that concert. Coming into the show I always thought that “Thousand Miles” was one of his more underappreciated songs. You could really feel the raw emotion in every lyric he sang. As the song progressed, The Kid Laroi kept feeding off the crowd which I noticed gave him a burst of energy while performing the song. This encouraged everyone to sing with him as the concert neared its’ end. To close out the show, The Kid Laroi performed his biggest song “Stay”. Before performing the song, The Kid Laroi showed his appreciation to his mentor Justin Bieber for making the song with him. “Stay” was one of the most fun parts of the show since most people knew the lyrics to the extremely catchy song. After he performed the song, the audience begged for an encore which The Kid Laroi would eventually grant. For his encore song, he performed his Soundcloud exclusive song “Hatred”. This was the perfect song to close with because fans were sent off with a hype song that lifted everyone’s spirits. My impression of the concert is that I had a stellar experience seeing The Kid Laroi. Although he did not perform with a live band, this did not take away from the experience at all. The Kid Laroi sang his heart out and gave the audience maximum effort while performing. His DJ was also amazing during the concert which gave us top-tier production with the songs like “Nights Like This” and “One Thousand Miles” as I stated earlier. The Kid Laroi had great stage presence and crowd control, which is very impressive because he is only twenty years old as he will only continue to improve in those areas in the future. This was one of the better concerts I have been to recently. Overall, I would highly recommend people to watch The Kid Laroi live. The amazing vocals, detailed stage production, and the energetic audience are all reasons why The Kid Laroi concert experience is like no other. If you are looking for a fun, high quality concert that is not too expensive then this is your sign to go to a future concert. Written By Major Taylor Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | TikTok | YouTube *copyright not intended. Fair use act, section 107.

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