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  • Review: "Hard Pill To Swallow" - Emilia Tarrant

    Emilia Tarrant just released her strongest single to date, "Hard Pill To Swallow." The cinematic-sounding pop anthem dives deep into the experiences with rejection and uncertainty. She wears her heart on her sleeve as she tackles her own encounters, expressing her experiences with feeling lonely, like an outsider, and scared to grow up. As time goes on, we often lose people in our lives. Our relationships change. We feel abandoned, alone, or uncertain about where we stand. Tarrant beautifully captures this universal experience in her recent track, a song that everyone should give a listen to. In Tarrant's latest release, the title stems from the refrain lyric, "Rejection is a hard pill to swallow." Here, she opens up about her experiences with loneliness and rejection and how difficult those moments in our life can be; it can be hard to accept when you feel rejected by others. She gets candid with lines like, "Daily, I get ghosted / And I don't know why," "Scared of feeling old / Still feeling as alone," and "Friends for life would be the promise / Isn't it ironic 'cause none of them lasted." These fears are all associated with coming-of-age and coming into yourself. The song captures this experience between a piano-laden production and bright vocals. "Hard Pill To Swallow" was released alongside an emotional, monochromatic music video directed by collaborator, Tom Knibbs. Emilia Tarrant is a UK-based singer-songwriter that blends vulnerable lyrics, bright vocals, and infectious hooks together to create contemporary pop music. She debuted into the music in 2019, but has already worked with top songwriters and gained over three million streams of her music across streaming platforms. "Hard Pill To Swallow" comes as one of the first singles for her upcoming debut album expected in 2024. If you enjoyed this track, make sure to keep up with all the latest information surrounding Tarrant and her music by following her on the social media platforms linked down below. Written By Sydney Gray FOLLOW EMILIA TARRANT:

  • Review: "WEREWOLF" - FLØRE

    FLØRE has a captivating aesthetic containing grim themes and dark imagery that instantly attracts audiences. From the moment I first heard her song, “Backyard Body” from her last EP, I knew I would love her entire discography. Now with her latest single, “WEREWOLF,” the title naturally caught my eye as a fan of horror and the supernatural. This gloomy track utilizes the classic folklore legend as a metaphor for a toxic relationship in which one partner brings out the worst in the other. Similar to a full moon transforming a normal human being into a vicious monster of the night, this person brings out the feral sides of their partner. FLØRE’s clever lyrics throughout the track effortlessly describes her own experience with this. Despite her deep love for this person, she turns into someone she does not recognize. Through harsh words and bitter fights, she realizes that being with this person triggers a primal part inside of her that she cannot control. In the verse, she alludes to the metaphor with clever lines that subtle reference the folktale. Then in the chorus, she immediately reveals the hook as she sings: “You make me go werewolf, werewolf// Make me wanna tear out your throat.” She continues through the chorus, telling this toxic person the control they have over her and the unrelenting rage she feels. In the second half of the chorus, she continues with the lines: “And when the full moon’s exposed// I’m after your blood// Can’t you understand?// When we’re like this, I’m not who I am.” FLØRE takes this ingenious metaphor and flawlessly explains the intensity of the situation, and the level of self-loathing she feels due to this. In the second verse, she hits the listener with the line, “You make me the devil in disguise.” The singer admits that her actions as a result from this anger does not make her innocent or absolve her from any blame. Nevertheless, she is livid that the one she loves drives her to such extremes. It is an ingenious line that perfectly wraps up the message of the entire track. “WEREWOLF” is a brilliantly written song that eloquently illustrates this convoluted situation and the complex emotions that come with it. With the deep, vivid imagery found within “WEREWOLF,” it comes as no surprise that the production complements the dark, angsty tone of the track. While the song is an upbeat pop track, the undertones of the soundscape encapsulate the unforgiving rage felt by FLØRE. The song kicks off with a chorus heavy guitar riff that is reminiscent to the layered chorus sounds of Nirvana. Additionally, airy synth sounds provided by a keyboard controls the lower register of the intro. A secondary synth sound is used for the build-up to the first verse. When FLØRE’s vocals begin, the drums are added while a bass is introduced to take control of the production. For the majority of the song, the vocals are layered to provide a greater dynamic to the track. In the second half of the verse, muted guitar power-chords with added distortion and some synth are introduced. Additionally, a melody utilizing the intro riff sound effect can be subtly heard in the background. This melody and the synth carry into the pre-chorus, where a light percussion and vocal echoes can be heard. A brief drumline introduces the synth bass heavy chorus. The initial guitar returns in the second half, enhancing the full production. Light percussion is utilized to transition into the second verse. The verse and the pre-chorus remain the same, without the echo effects, before a brief production pause introduces the next chorus. In the background, a lower register vocal effect and be faintly heard, providing an additional layer to the vocals. The post-chorus maintains the production while FLØRE showcases her impeccable range with powerful vocalizations. Utilizing a unique structure, the song goes into a third rendition of the pre-chorus, before transitioning into the bridge. An airy synth production guides the listener through the climax of the track. Before the final chorus hits, the listener can hear the sound of a wolf howling, bringing to life the captivating imagery of the track. The synth becomes more prominent in the last chorus while the production utilizes the lower register of the keyboard and vocals with light percussion, drawing focus on the lyrics. Another pause in the production is utilized as FLØRE’s vocals sing “who I am,” before exploding into the full production. The singer is heard harmonizing with herself in the higher register that effortlessly transitions into the post-chorus. This allows FLØRE to showcase her phenomenal range one last time before the song closes out. “WEREWOLF” is a flawless addition to FLØRE’s discography, showcasing her clever songwriting and enhancing her iconic dark aesthetic and themes. FLØRE is an independent singer-songwriter from Germany. Her sound includes a range of rock, dark pop, and alternative. She is inspired by the darkness and aspires to write songs that “give this weird existence a meaning.” She made her debut in 2018 with her first single, “Flowered Guts.” Since then, she has released several standalone singles and three EPs, including her 2022 project, Rise of The Romaniac. In January 2023, she released her first follow-up single, “Zombie.” Each subsequent track since then have all been horror creature themed, with Alien,” “Skeleton,” and now “Werewolf.” This may be a hint at a possible fourth EP that wraps up this fascinating theme. Follow her on all socials too stay up-to-date with any upcoming releases from this new era of music! Written By Karlee Skipper FOLLOW FLØRE:

  • Review: "Crash" - ROREY

    ROREY ushers in a new era of grunge with “Crash,” the opening track off her debut EP, “Apt 7D.” Her EP as a whole explores the idea of soul searching, while “Crash” specifically delves into acknowledging the bad parts of yourself. In the first verse, ROREY says that she never learns from all the mistakes she makes, but “That’s life.” She’s trying so hard to keep everything under control, but she can’t help but fall apart, no matter how hard she tries not to. She asks herself “What am I doing wrong,” and she feels dumb and lost in her feelings. Then the addicting chorus comes in, where she asks if everything is “All in her head” or if she’s just “Out of [her] mind.” She wants to be released from this feeling of guilt, but says “It’s not your fault, it’s mine.” In the second verse, she feels like she gets stuck in this back-and-forth cycle, and she laughs at how cliché it is that she feels bored. After ROREY repeats the pre-chorus and chorus again, she starts to get a bit existential. She says she’s blurring her thoughts with reality, and she’s “Falling deeper into [her] psyche,” and she probably can’t get out. This song is a perfect example of when you explore your conscious and subconscious thoughts, it’s not all black and white. “Crash” is a beautiful grunge track, which has a sprinkling of indie-pop thrown in the production. This song is for sure a grunge anthem, with prominent wailing guitars driving the song. Her choruses are heavier than her verses, with a simple drum kit compared to most percussion rigs of today. However, grunge drummers must have great skill and power to deliver a good track, which is the case for the drummer on “Crash.” The chorus itself is infectious and addicting and is filled with angst and intense emotions. The bridge features an interesting and unique chord progression, one that is not commonly used in mainstream music at this time. Her voice is mainly what makes the song more indie-pop-inspired than the average grunge song. Growing up in the New York City indie scene certainly had an impact on her vocal sound. ROREY’s voice is breathy, soft, and a bit fragile in the verses. In the 21st century, this vocal technique was reintroduced by Lorde, especially with her 2013 song, “Royals.” Overall, this song is filled with intense emotions but also showcases ROREY’s ability to be open and honest with her feelings. At only 23 years old, ROREY is a driving and innovative force in the New York City indie scene. Her interest in music began when she was seven years old when she took up guitar, and she hasn’t looked back since. In an interview with Office Magazine, she revealed that she was constantly writing as a kid, but the first song she remembers writing was about a boy she met on vacation when she was 10. ROREY’s sound has been coined “sad girl indie pop,” which is shown off in her debut EP, “Apt 7D.” Her EP was defined by feelings of discontentment surrounding the cyclical nature of life. After this release, she is set to perform all around New York City. Currently, ROREY has 12.4k monthly listeners and over 200k streams on Spotify. ROREY’s sheer talent will continue to impress listeners release after release. Written By Lauren DiGiovanni FOLLOW ROREY:

  • Review: "Long Hair" - Maisyn

    “Long Hair” is a beautiful and reflective anthem emphasizing personal growth and self-love. After a breakup, it’s hard to refind yourself and rediscover what it’s like to be alone. Symbolized by the growth of her hair, Maisyn reminds us how we can find strength in what we’ve lost and grow after reflecting on past experiences. Cutting hair is often reminiscent of relief from a large life event, and Maisyn captures that sentiment perfectly, showing excitement and hope for the future. The raw emotional punch as Maisyn pours everything into her voice creates a thrilling musical experience. Maisyn’s honest narrative stands out among millions of others, showcasing the often harsh truth of what relationships come to. With the thumping drums setting the tone of the song, it also serves as an icon of life moving forward, minute by minute, day by day. With the song’s upbeat tempo, it reminds listeners that though life might be tough, there’s always hope to move on. Her raw earnest and elegant vocals add texture and depth to her emotion, and the modern nuance of the atmospheric noises pair beautifully to transport the listener to another world, one melancholic, but full of hope. Maisyn is an LA-based singer-songwriter focused on representing authenticity in emotionally charged moments, specifically honing in on her narrative-building. Releasing her first EP in 2021, Cool Girl, Maisyn took a brief hiatus before returning with a bang with her first single of 2023, “Naked”. Working with Grammy-nominated engineer and producer Joey Messina-Doerning for “Long Girl”, Maisyn taps into her “pop girl” sound reminiscent of Maisie Peters and Maggie Rogers, promising that you’ll find joy once again even if you end up with bangs. Written By Megan Cao FOLLOW MAISYN: *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

  • Review: "Whiskey Sour" - Drew Schueler x Herine

    Have you ever had something that reminded you of an old relationship? A restaurant, a shirt, maybe even a drink? In Drew Schueler and Herine’s latest collaboration, “Whiskey Sour,” they sing of the connection that alcohol held for a couple. It’s about the simple things that bring you back to those old, sweet moments, like the first sip of a drink pulling you to the thought of being in an ex’s arms– being unable to escape from the thought of them. Through a combination of clever wordplay and soft strings, “Whiskey Sour” is reminiscent of rainy nights and memories. Click here to listen to "Whiskey Sour"! Schueler and Herine have truly outdone themselves with “Whiskey Sour”-- everything about this song is excellently composed. From the gentle strings to the threading beat, “Whiskey Sour” sounds like those lonely nights when you’re missing a person you can never have again. It evokes buried memories, tamped down in your heart long, long ago. The instrumentals are definitely responsible for this melancholic feeling, but the songwriting takes a good amount of the credit, too; superbly written, “Whiskey Sour” cleverly manipulates its lyrics to be both about the narrators’ relationship and the alcohol that bound them. As the chorus goes, “Wishing we could take it back to sweet/Talking for hours/Now the whiskey’s sour." “Whiskey Sour” is about a couple whose relationship was connected by drinks, and now that they’ve split, even the smallest sip of alcohol brings them back to the days when they were together. Knowing this, it makes the song’s wordplay even more impressive, as Schueler and Herine manage to balance both the language of relationships and alcohol. The whiskey’s gone sour, no longer sweet like those nights spent together as a couple. Drew Schueler is a rising pop singer-songwriter and producer based out of Nashville, Tennessee. In 2023, Schueler made his mark in the pop world by being named the Grand Prize winner of the 2023 Nashville Songwriters Association International Song Contest. And, as well as being a three-time NSAI Song Contest Finalist, his 2020 single “Head Start” has 1.6 million plays on Spotify. With his excellent songwriting and vibrant vocals, Schueler is only heading upwards. Similarly, Herine is an indie-pop artist from Nashville. A lover of music since childhood, Herine was exposed to music and writing all her life, and was launched into a fruitful songwriting career. Her music is fun, personal, and upbeat– all things that the best pop songs are, but with the perfect amount of Herine’s distinctive touch to each of those elements. She released her debut single “Favorite Things” in 2021, with “Whiskey Sour” being her first collaboration with Schueler. When you listen to “Whiskey Sour,” make sure to enjoy it with your drink of choice (alcoholic or not– whatever works for you!) and sink into its wistful beat and artful lyricism. Written By Alexa Leung FOLLOW DREW SCHUELER: FOLLOW HERINE:

  • Review: "Nobody Else" - Ashlynn Malia

    I’ve got to tell someone about the music video that’s had a chokehold on me for the last two weeks. Picture it: the air is thick with longing for more than physical touch. Touch is easy to come by – there’s a hunger for a deep, emotional intimacy here. Here, the need for a familiar connection that drapes us in security outweighs how insecure it leaves us at the end. But the end is never truly the end because of the undeniable magnetism that expands beyond the reach of the cosmos. If you’ve liked what you’ve heard, let me introduce you to your latest dark-pop fixation: Ashlynn Malia. In their single, “Nobody Else”, Ashlynn Malia takes listeners through a sensual exploration of limerence. Limerence is a state of involuntary infatuation that’s characterized by an intense desire to be in a romantic connection with someone. Whoever the limerent individual pines for then becomes the limerent object, all of which can be identified in “Nobody Else”. The single opens with primal synths and Malia’s layered sultry vocals to showcase how limerent individuals’ passion for their limerent object becomes more than just the focal point of their life. It becomes their sole reason for existing. In the opening verse, our limerent is having continuous “visions” of the limerent object. While these visions range from distaste to seduced, the point is that they cannot get the limerent object off their mind. This then crystallizes the limerent’s feelings of there being “nobody else” but the limerent object for them. It’s only the limerent object for them. The got’cha of crystallization is that for every dewy-eyed feeling the limerent hyper-fixates on, their feelings of anguish intensify right alongside. In the pre-chorus, Malia vocalizes how they “[d]on’t wanna start again / With someone new”, highlighting the immense fear of losing the limerent object. Despite this fear, the believed cosmic connection between the limerent and their object outweighs it. And it’s not hard to understand why when something as little as the “smell of [the limerent object’s] cologne” invokes the “superhuman” emotions our artist discusses in the second and third verses - even if we’re aware that the limerent object is “wrong for” us. If Malia’s intricate lyrics haven’t convinced you how alluring a connection like this can be, maybe Robbie Blue’s choreography in the music video will. The choreography perfectly captures the all-consuming nature of limerence when left to linger. But the real caveat of limerence is that it has no real expiration date (only estimations). All we know is that limerents’ find themselves in a repetitive cycle; and with each passing cycle their feelings for the limerent object fade. Which makes the ending lines: “where it starts is where it ends / We don’t got to tell nobody else”, all the more profound. For this particular limerent, the feelings have yet to fade and they’re keeping themselves available to repeat another cycle. Ashlynn Malia is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles with a natural endowment for crafting stories that relay personal sentiments while simultaneously transcending the metaphysical. Earlier fans might recognize Malia from her time with Kidz Bop, and her dance appearances in Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift’s music videos. Newer fans might better associate the artist with her 2022 Etheridge Island performance. Last year, the Etheridge Island Festival made its debut, bringing LGBTQ+ women and non-binary pals together to enjoy Melissa Etheridge’s wellness resort while getting to experience amazing music from a handful of artists. One of which was Ashlynn Malia. More recently, our artist released another EP, navigating galaxies, emphasizing their experimentation with ethereal pop. But today, Malia released their latest single, “Cool Girl”, which unbottles the pent up of vexations of being a lover girl that’s forced to masquerade as the patriarch’s desirable woman. If you’ve enjoyed Malia’s music as much as I have, show her some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows. Written by Giavanna Gradaille FOLLOW ASHLYNN MALIA:

  • Review: "Distance" - Kid Travis

    Long distance relationships are hard. It's difficult to be away from your person for that long, when all you want to do is spend all of your time with them. It can put a strain on relationships and can make staying together feel like an impossible feat. Kid Travis’ new song “Distance” talks about his point of view, and how much he misses his girl while they are in a long distance love. He has an upbeat sound, correlating to his positive attitude about the state of their relationship. Distance is tough, but it's just a blip on their radar and nothing they can’t get through. Despite how upbeat Kid Travis’ vibe is, the lyrics alone are sentimental and heartfelt. In the first verse, he sings, “'Cause baby I'll wait / As long as it takes / Facetime isn't enough”. He knows this is a hard situation to get through, but he pledges himself to wait for her. He knows that they are meant to be more than just a facetime love, so he vows to make it happen. He continues this idea in the chorus, when he sings, “I don't wanna miss your kiss / Girl I only wanna taste your lips / Baby if I only had one wish / Distance wouldn't make a difference”. He just wants to be with her again, and is tired of not having her in his day to day life. Finally, the bridge repeats the same two lines over and over again, driving home his point. He sings, “Close ain't close enough / Baby four hundred miles ain't close enough”. No matter where they are, together or apart, it is not close enough. Kid Travis is an indie / trap singer-songwriter who has almost 1 million monthly Spotify streamers. He is from Chicago, is currently 24 years old, and his real name is Damon Travis. He is also an internet personality, and has over 480k subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he posts his music as well covers. He has been recognized by many big name artists on this platform, including Post Malone and Dominic Fike. His music is similar to both of these artists, and it is clear that his career is only on the up. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more music from Kid Travis. Written By Tessa Maddaloni FOLLOW KID TRAVIS:

  • Review: "Cyber Hangover" - Naia Lika

    Naia Lika, an American pop singer-songwriter, just released her danceable track, "Cyber Hangover" on September 8th. This comes as her fourth single of the year already, showing that she is committed to making a big splash as she debuts into the music industry. Studying musical theater in college, she had revelations about her identity and sexuality, which led to her dropping out and moving to Los Angeles. Here, she found her voice and started writing music. Inspired by artists like Dua Lipa and Remi Wolf, she has crafted an innovative, exciting sound that I cannot wait to see continue past this track. "Cyber Hangover" blends elements of pop, soul, and r&b into a commercial track that engaged me from the first note. The energetic and upbeat production makes for easy listening. Her songwriting also stands out with lyrics like "Flash, and it's over / I need someone to tell me I'm sober / Cyber hangover," "Coated in plastic / I'm gasping from the weight of this package," and "Blink, and you miss it / Keep spinning til it's your definition." She weaves these lyrics in between electrifying instrumentation and pop hooks. It is a dance pop track that somehow feels contemporary, nostalgic, and timeless. Rising pop artist Naia Lika was, perhaps quite literally, born to be a singer. Her parents caught her mouth making vibrato-like motions on an ultrasound when she was in the womb. Since then, she has grown up pursuing music, even attending the Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music. However, she left the program and started writing her own music in the pandemic. It was the first time that music had truly been her choice, not a path that her parents set her on. "Cyber Hangover" is one of the few tracks that she put out this year, and I am excited to see what comes next. Feel free to keep up with all the latest information on her releases with the social media links below. Written By Sydney Gray FOLLOW NAIA LIKA:

  • Review: “Play Pretend” - ØNEIRØ x Ycy

    One of my favorite things to keep an ear out for in a song is the vibe it gives off. Does it remind me of a song that I used to love? Is it a song that makes me want to dance? Thankfully, “Play Pretend” checks all the boxes! A collaboration between artists Ycy and ØNEIRØ, “Play Pretend” is a song that both put me in a good mood, but also reminded me of songs and artists I used to listen to all the time! The song is made up of some killer lyrics! “Leaving the cold in your arms / Teaching myself how to love again / Someone who knows how to listen / Someone who won’t leave me guessing.” Listen to "Play Pretend" here! This song is so fun to listen to. It has a similar sound and energy to “Closer” by Halsey and The Chainsmokers, and I love it! I want to really focus on the instrumentals for this song, because each element to it works together extremely well. The drums are quiet, but also make their presence known. It also sounds like there’s some kind of synth playing in the background! When it comes to the vocals, both Ycy and ØNEIRØ have a smooth, natural sound! There’s a slight tinge of a mechanical element to their voices, like they’re singing in an almost robotic-like tone. And honestly, I think it works really well. It’s unique, and I haven’t heard anything like it in a while! Let’s get to know the artists behind this collaboration! Noah Maxwell, better known by his stage name, ØNEIRØ, is a singer and songwriter whose goal is to release fun and unique Pop Alternative music to his fans. The name, ØNEIRØ, is Greek and translates to “dream”. ØNEIRØ says some of the inspiration behind his music comes from artists like Dua Lipa, The 1975, and even Twenty One Pilots! Yvonne Carter, or Ycy, is a German music singer, songwriter, producer, AND performing DJ! She has four previously released singles, including a collaboration with So.Lo. Her first song, “Rainbow Road,” was released in 2020, and since then, she has worked hard to regularly release new and exciting music! These two together made a great piece of art, and I can’t wait to hear what they both release next! Written By Isabel Mays FOLLOW ØNEIRØ: FOLLOW YCY:

  • Review: "The Hard Way" - Eighty Ninety

    Loving and committing to someone means choosing them every day. No matter what life throws at you, if you love someone, you'll fight for them no matter what. Duo Eighty Ninety explores this in their new single, "The Hard Way." Elaborating on the song's meaning, the two explain, "'The Hard Way' is about choosing to love someone no matter how much life intervenes. It’s about being brave enough to make the choice to completely commit to a person, no matter the risk. It's about looking directly at all your fears about how things could go wrong and knowing that even if they all come to pass, it's still worth it." Soft and sweet, "The Hard Way" begins with contemplative piano chords and gentle vocals. Vocalist Abner James delivers reflective lines with a vulnerable warmth that's swoonworthy, making the single an evocative love song. The instrumentation builds as the song progresses, adding in synths, guitar, and percussion. Eighty Ninety discusses the connection between the song's composition and its meaning, stating: "With the production we tried to evoke the sense of the relationship being increasingly tested by life, increasing the instrumentation with every chorus, almost like we are trying to break the song. But it holds — and by the end we're hoping the swelling percussion and harmonies feel uplifting; there's beauty in hope." Following the release of Eighty Ninety's debut single, "Three Thirty," the duo quickly achieved success with the track reaching the #2 position on Spotify's Global Viral Chart. Since this debut, Eighty Ninety has accrued over 30 million streams and has been featured on numerous playlists, including New Music Friday, Pop Rising, Chill Pop, Indie Pop, and many more. The NYC-based group is comprised of two brothers, Abner and Harper James, who together have created a distinctive sound built on minimalist pop productions and intimate storytelling. Some of their popular releases include "10K Summer Nights," "Your Favorite Song," and "Three Thirty." Written By Cheyenne Johnson FOLLOW EIGHTY NINETY:

  • Review: "Die On This Hill" - Stacey Kelleher

    With reflective lyrics and a somber production, Stacey Kelleher shares the heart-wrenching ending of a bittersweet love story in her latest single, “Die On This Hill.” The singer co-produced the track with The Foxies’ band member, Jake Ohlbaum, and co-wrote it with their friend, Meredith Rounsley. The song explores the story of Kelleher needing to leave the “longest, deepest relationship” she has ever had in her life so far. Her partner was someone she had been friends with for several years prior to dating, making this heartbreak even more devastating. Despite the fierce and true love she had for this person, she knew that leaving them was the right decision. She illustrates this eloquently with the melancholic lyrics throughout the song. In the chorus, she begins by providing the backstory about the never-ending arguments and resentment held between the two lovers, before ending it on the clever hook. Kelleher sings, “We can’t go one more night// Back and forth, quiet fights// Keeping score of who fucked it up this time// There’s a pain in our chests// It’s not terminal yet, but I’m bracing for the landslide// We die on this hill every time.” She perfectly describes the feeling of not wanting to let go but knowing that, in the end, it is for the best. They keep fighting for something they know is wrong and that will inevitably go down in flames. The deep and poetic lyricism found in “Die On This Hill” is a prime example of Kelleher’s remarkable songwriting. Along with the woeful lyrics, “Die On This Hill” contains a melancholic production that perfectly encapsulates this gloomy storyline. The complex ballad intentionally pulls at the listener’s heartstrings, compelling them to feel the same devastating heartbreak that Kelleher feels. The song begins with an eerie synth wave that establishes the grim atmosphere. This builds to the first verse where Kelleher’s angelic vocals are introduced, alongside the complex, yet delicate production. A soft beat is paired with the soothing electric guitar riff and subtle piano keys that guide the listener through the vulnerable song. This pulls an emphasis on each heart-wrenching lyric. Then, the synth wave intensifies for a brief moment, signifying the beginning of the chorus. The drum beat becomes more prominent while the synth sound effects increase, enhancing the emotional intensity of the track. Right before the song reaches the hook, the beat mutes to pull emphasis on the crucial line. After the last word of the chorus, the electric guitar picks up and the beat returns, providing an intense transition into the second verse. The production continues throughout the verse, with muffled vocal echoes periodically throughout, before returning to the full production of the chorus. However, during the hook, the beat does not mute this time, creating a subtle shift in the atmosphere before introducing the emotional break in the song. Kelleher’s captivating vocalizations lead the build-up into the last chorus, showcasing the passion and heartache behind the lyrics. The production softens to only the electric guitar and periodic synth effects for the first three lines of the chorus, until the beat begins to build, leading to the final explosion into the full production. The outro remains for the last minute of the track, slowly fading out. As the song inches closer to the conclusion, indistinctive muffled talking parts are heard, representing the quiet fights mentioned in the chorus. This is a unique personification of the couple as the song ends slowly like the relationship. With “Die On This Hill,” Kelleher and her co-producers crafted a flawless alt-pop ballad that is composed of a clever production and unforgettable lyrics that effortlessly resonate with her audience. Stacey Kelleher is an indie-pop singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Nashville, Tennessee. She made her debut in 2018 with her single, “All I See.” Then in 2021, she released her first EP, Songs So Far. This cleverly titled project consists of five tracks, including a collaboration with Devin Kingston. Since then, she has released several standalone singles. Her upcoming sophomore EP, Out of Orbit, is out on September 15th, 2023. Kelleher takes inspiration from a handful of artists, such as Holly Humberstone, Lennon Stella, LANY, and Phoebe Bridgers. Her reflective lyricism and electro-pop melodies blend together to create her own unique sound that reels in thousands of listeners. Written By Karlee Skipper FOLLOW STACEY:

  • Review: "Misbehave" - RAGS AND RICHES

    “Misbehave” is an alternative-pop summer anthem that explores what makes a certain girl sweetly addictive. This girl you’ve always known has quirks and attributes sprinkled with pop culture references that tie her up in a Barbie pink bow. She stands out among the rest even when you are not searching for her. Her appearance is magnetic and you can’t help but attribute her silly gestures and demeanors to things you already know. You’ve always known her but as time goes on, the spark between you two burns brighter and brighter. Every movement she makes and small gesture she shows alters your mindset. You want to do more, to rebel a little bit, as she takes over your every thought. She dances more, moves more, acts out more and you feel yourself being pulled in. Click here to listen to "Misbehave"! “Misbehave” is a sickly-sweet-sounding pop hit that intertwines sugary lyrics and pop culture references with an upbeat instrumental and melody. With almost every proclamation of admiration for this mystery girl, a popular cultural reference highlights just how special she is to the singer. She looks and seems so perfect that she’s like a Barbie to everyone. The upbeat tempo of this single really encapsulates just how giddy with admiration the narrator is. A true sign of a summer anthem is just how easy-listening it is. While listening, one can imagine themselves getting lost with a girl and the overwhelming excitement that can cause. It’s easy to get swept away by all the shimmering aspects that make this an infectious hit. RAGS AND RICHES is a singer-songwriter brother due originating from Lexington, Kentucky. The pair have built up an impressive touring resume across the few years of their musical career. They have performed over 200 shows across 40 US states and have built a respectable following within the music scene. But home is where the heart is, and their home-city of Lexington has honored them with two Lexington music awards for Pop Artist of The Year and Song of The Year. It was hardly a shock when their debut album, Always Gold, received over 1.4 million streams in its first week. Their social media presence has skyrocketed due to their actively engaging with their high following. Make sure to follow them on social media and give “Misbehave” a listen! Written By Willow Gray FOLLOW RAGS AND RICHES: *Sponsored Post - Discovered on Musosoup. A contribution was made to help create this article. #SustainableCurator

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